Mix and Match with Spice Route’s bold colors

Saffron Marigold - Updated: August 8, 2016

One look at Spice Route and the mind immediately conjures up visions of exotic lands steeped in mystery and romance, where the very air is redolent with spices and perfumes. And its no wonder. Spice Route is inspired by the much sought after spices along the Silk Route, and the story is retold in this print which has a floral filigree of cinnamon, turmeric and turquoise contained within bold, baroque, lozenge like motifs.

Spice Route Moroccan duvet
Spice Route Moroccan duvet

Spice Route Duvet - reverse pattern
Spice Route Duvet – reverse pattern

The beauty of block printed linens lies in the very nature of its artistic, hand printed quality, and so assorted prints and patterns work well with one another. We often get questions from our customers who have purchased one print, asking what other print will coordinate well with it. And though the answer is that almost any print will work, it goes without saying that certain prints WILL work better and enhance the original print.

So here are some suggestions for Mixing and Matching prints with Spice Route.

Spice Route with yellows, reds and browns

If the deep burnished colors of Spice Route are what attracted you to the print in the first place, then you may want to turn up that heat by pairing it with our prints that have that same earthy, warm quality – prints that have fiery reds, deep orange yellows and dark browns as the main color. Any of the 4 options shown – Waltz of the Vines, Ruby Kilim, Indian Summer, For the Love of Chocolate – will amplify the cozy factor and create a space that is intimate, vibrant, energetic and passionate.

Spice Route with warm, earthy colors:
Spice Route with warm, earthy colors: From top ~ Waltz of the Vines, Ruby Kilim, Indian Summer, For the Love of Chocolate

Spice Route with blues and greens

Blues and greens paired with Spice Route will highlight the little flecks of turquoise in the print and create a room that is dynamic and interesting. While a room entirely in blues and greens will make for a very soothing, relaxing space, combined with Spice Route it will an interesting tension between energy and calm. Its like Asian Zen meets Eastern exoticism. Midnight Lotus and Starry Nights have deep blues, complementary colors to Spice Route’s orange red, Ocean Breezes echoes the Moroccan imagery and Memories of Shalimar soothes with pretty green and gold.

Spice Route with blues and greens:
Spice Route with blues and greens: From top ~ Midnight Lotus, Ocean Breezes, Starry Nights, Memories of Shalimar

Spice Route with neutrals

Often the most beautiful spaces are those which have a careful combination of heightened deep colors to create drama and interest and soft gentle neutrals to give the eyes a place to pause and reflect. Besides having the added advantage of being able to use neutrals with many patterns, creams and ivories will balance out the bold colors of Spice Route for a room that is harmonious, colorful and serene. Four perfect options are creamy Ivy Lace, Dance O Peacock with blue and ocher highlights, dreamy Vanilla Glacé and Tulip Mist.

Spice Route with neutrals
Spice Route with neutrals: From top ~ Ivy Lace, Dance of Peacock, Vanilla Glacé, Tulip Mist

The possibilities are endless. It all depends on the mood and feeling you want to create in the room.

If you love Spice Route and need inspiration and ideas on how to use it in your decor, go here.