Mix and Match With Orange Blossom

Saffron Marigold - Updated: January 28, 2020

Featuring a gorgeous medley of oranges, yellows, plums, and greens across an cream ground, Orange Blossom is one of our best-selling prints. Since Orange Blossom contains such a broad palette of colors, it offers you plenty of possibilities for mixing and matching.

One of our customers decided that she wants to hang kitchen curtains in Orange Blossom, but she’s not sure which print will pair best with them. She writes this:

“Hello, I need help!  I have 2 windows: one is the kitchen window, where I want to use the Orange Blossom~Persian Mediterranean Floral Kitchen Curtain, and then there’s another window in the hallway and visible from the kitchen.

I can’t tell what print and color would go best…what other pattern do you recommend? Thank you for your help,
Rosemary G.”

Mixing patterns really helps you achieve that collected-over-time look that’s just so lovely and appealing.  It also helps you veer away from looking too matchy-matchy. We’re happy to help Rosemary narrow down her choices. 

Because of variances in screen quality, it can be difficult to determine just which colors and patterns will look best together.  To that end, we highly encourage our customers to obtain swatches in order to see how our prints look with their furnishings and home settings.  For less than $10, you can order three swatches–and the shipping’s on us!

And without further adieu, here are a few of our prints that will look lovely alongside (or in sight of) Orange Blossom:

Shimmering Goldstone

With its burnt orange ground and overlaid gold paste orbs, Shimmering Goldstone (from our Dreams of India collection) is a natural partner for Orange Blossom. Another option from Dreams of India includes the Mystic Amethyst print–it pulls from the purple petals in Orange Blossom and will really bring a bohemian feel to your space.  If that’s not what you’re going for, no problem–keep reading!


Bridal Veil

Golden floral accents scattered across an ethereal white ground make Bridal Veil another beautiful match for Orange Blossom. This is a great choice if you’re looking for a neutral option to play nicely with orange florals. In fact, Bridal Veil is one of those prints that can be a statement piece and stand on its own just as well as it can play a supporting role!


Indian Summer

If you enjoy decorating with bright colors and mixing patterns (which is likely if you’re shopping Saffron Marigold!), consider our Indian Summer print to pair with Orange Blossom. Boasting emerald green accents and a bold orange paisley against a soft mango ground, it has some similarities to Orange Blossom’s palette.  The complementary print (CP) features an elegant floral design. Either one will look great with Orange Blossom!

Garden of Versailles

Finally, we’d suggest the Garden of Versailles print from our Versailles collection to team with Orange Blossom.  These two prints work better in conjunction to each other as opposed to being placed adjacently–but they can still work. Similarly botanical with its stems and florals, Garden of Versailles helps accent the golden shades found in Orange Blossom. 

Rosemary, we’d love to see what you decide and how it all comes together when everything’s in place, so be sure to send us a photo of your finished space!