Indulge in Elegant Simplicity: a White Moroccan Bath

Saffron Marigold - Updated: August 9, 2019

There’s nothing more inviting, timeless, or refreshing than the elegant all-white bath. The key to creating a purely blissful and beautiful all-white bathroom that doesn’t read as one-note is to layer in texture and interest. With its detailed designs and complex patterns, Moroccan decor lends itself perfectly to creating a gorgeous, personal space for renewal. In order to truly create an all-white bath with Moroccan style, remember to:

  • Include natural (or natural-looking) elements
  • Hang artwork or mirrors that reflect the shapes of Moroccan architecture
  • Celebrate the patterns found in Moroccan tilework

Start by selecting the right shower curtain. Because they occupy the most visual weight in a bathroom (after the walls), shower curtains attract the eye and have an impact. For an atmosphere filled with airiness, privacy, and luxury, hang an exquisite white shower curtain inspired by the art and traditions of Morocco.

Our global prints unite graceful style and natural texture:

The white-on-white look of Ivy Lace’s vines resembles traditional embroidery, but they are, in fact, hand-printed using intricately carved wooden blocks. Royal Mansour’s series of palatial white-on-white medallions nod to Marrakesh, and they marry vintage and modern design together in ultra-soft cotton. To create a sense of global glam to your Moroccan-style bathroom, hang our Vanilla Glace white-on-white ogee print with gold piping.

Window Treatment

After you’ve decided on the right shower curtain, consider your windows. An all-white bathroom celebrates light, and our white window treatments offer the right mix of beauty and seclusion while affording maximum natural light.

A valance is the perfect choice for windows that open to private surroundings.

Royal Mansour Beaded Valance for white bathroom
Saffron Marigold

Royal Mansour white valance

The beads on our Royal Mansour white valance bring a bit of sparkle to the window, and the gauzy fabric allows for abundant sunshine.

White bathroom valance
Saffron Marigold

Tulip Mist white floral valance

Made from hand-woven cotton voile and finished with hand-beaded trim, the Tulip Mist white floral valance is one of a kind.

For a window treatment that grants extra privacy but still allows for natural light to shine in, consider a café-style curtain.

White bathroom tier curtain
Saffron Marigold

Dragonfly and Lotus tier curtain

Dragonfly and Lotus tier curtain, inspired by Middle Eastern architecture, this versatile curtain imports the spirit of Moroccan style in a way that fits well with any all-white bathroom design—from country to chic to bohemian and glam.

Saffron Marigold

Vanilla Glace tier curtain

Similar to famous Moroccan tilework, our Vanilla Glace tier curtain is both pristine and ornate.

Bath Accessories

Once you have your window treatments in place,  you can continue to layer additional textures, and patterns in items that you’ll use and display every day. After all, no bathroom is complete without fluffy white towels, a gorgeous mirror, or a bath rug to warm your feet on cold tile floors.  

Garnet Hill

Egyptian cotton white signature towel

High-quality towels fashioned from Egyptian cotton are essential.

Garnet Hill

Plush tufted bath rug

A plush bath rug supplies additional softness along with some pampering underfoot. 

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World Market

Woven table

Form and function meet in this woven table, ideal for holding a small tray of soaps or other sundries on this woven table.

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World Market

White Moroccan Aida mirror

A framed mirror helps refine and finish a space. This mirror, with its mango wood frame and arch shape, resembles one you may have brought home from your adventures in a Marrakesh market.

Bath and Body

To complete the look, find sumptuous products that will inspire you to enjoy and indulge in your newly-created, all-white Moroccan-styled bathroom. Bath salts, lotions, lovely pieces of art—allow yourself to feel peaceful and pampered.

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Moroccan fig bath salts

Indulge yourself in a mineral-rich bath scented with fruity Moroccan figs.

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White gardenia hand lotion

After a soothing soak, pamper yourself with a fragrant, skin-softening lotion. 


Mandala wall art

A piece of hand-printed art—like this gold mandala print– connects with the design of our artisan-made curtains. 

White bathroom decor

4-piece bath salt

Even the most basic of bathroom necessities can be stylish. The pattern on each item in this 4-piece set echoes those seen most frequently in Moroccan design. 

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