How to Store Seasonal Linens

Saffron Marigold - Updated: October 30, 2018

I’ve always fantasized about the hallway long, multi-drawered and cabineted, gorgeous built in linen closet in my grandparents’ grand 1930’s home.  I would make many a sacrifice of other amenities to have one of those in my house today!

how to store linens
Built in Linen Storage, photo – Frank Shirley Architects

Even if you (like I) don’t currently have such elegant linen storage in your home, there are a few simple, inexpensive tricks for keeping linens organized, easily accessible and in good shape.


Paisley au Lait Bedspread, Saffron Marigold; photo courtesy of Katie Denham, Katiedid
  • Store bedding in the room in which it is used.  You can avoid rummaging through a hall closet to find that certain queen sheet if all appropriate bedding is stored in the corresponding bedroom. A dedicated space on the closet shelf is perfect for this.  If you have a little extra space in the room, a small decorative dresser or cabinet makes for attractive linen storage.
  • Roll sheet sets together and tuck inside a king pillow case.  Fold the flat sheet in half, and then in half again long ways.  Do the same with the fitted sheet, and lay this on top of the flat sheet.  Place both pillowcases at one end of the strip.  Beginning at that end, roll the set up and place into a king pillow case.  With this simple plan, bedding sets are stored together, and are kept fresh and dust free.
  • Compress a duvet and keep in breathable storage.  A down duvet must be able to breathe when stored.  A simple, inexpensive way to keep it in the off season is to fold and compress the duvet into a cotton drawstring laundry bag, or alternately into a king sized pillow case.  Saffron Marigold duvet covers can be used year round as they make lovely light bedspreads when used without the duvet insert.
how to store table linens
Ruby Kilim Tablecloth
  • Choose vertical storage rather than horizontal.  Folding and hanging a tablecloth from a hefty hanger is the best idea, and saves hours of ironing.   When you wash a tablecloth after use, dry until slightly damp, and then iron immediately and hang.  This way, even in a pinch, you’ll have a fresh tablecloth to brighten up your decor.
  • Hang sets of napkins from hanger clips if you have more closet storage.
  • Wrap a set of napkins around an empty paper towel tube if you have more drawer storage.
how to store tablecloths and napkins
Kilim Noir Cotton Napkins
  • When storing linens in a linen closet, keep the pieces you use most frequently at eye level.  Seasonal pieces can be stored out of sight.
  • If you have more than one or two sets of bedding for a bed, make them last longer by cycling through their use.  When putting linens away, lift up the stack and place the freshly washed linens on the bottom.  This way, no set is used too frequently.
  • I realize that for those of us in the States, summer is far away, but when the time comes, take the opportunity to air out blankets and duvets on a line outside.  This is a great way to eliminate some dust and introduce the irreplicable scent of freshly line dried linens.
I hope this has been helpful to you…  If any of you have any other storage tips that have helped you stay organized, please feel free to comment and share them with the Saffron Marigold community!
Take care, and Happy New Year!