Royal Mansour Moroccan Jewels

Saffron Marigold - Updated: May 16, 2017

Bohemian Voyages: Globally inspired motifs and jewel-colored home accents from our new Royal Mansour Moroccan Jewels Collection!

Travel the world with our new bright bohemian curtains and pillow covers in a print that echos iconic inspiration from many shores: a mandala, trellis, stained glass window, tile floor, or perhaps, a rose compass to guide your next voyage?

Our NEW Royal Mansour Moroccan Jewels Collection sprinkles the rich colors of precious gems over white for a fresh, modern update on classic trellis and tile motifs.

Four inspired jewel colors: Lapis- gem of enlightenment, Turquoise-stone of friendship, Quartz-crystal of clarity & Coral-symbol of life.

Create a space to daydream about your next adventure with long and light cotton voile curtain panels and matching pillow sham covers, lush with handcrafted charm.

Surround yourself with favorite souvenirs and relax in a modern Zen Den, layered in color and texture for a fresh, boho feel that transforms any room.

Sail away to an imagined nautical adventure on a coastal beach, riding the tides, with the wind behind you, right from your kitchen!

Ahoy! Royal Mansour in Lapis works with navy and white to create a crisp corner. Design a custom look by combining curtains in different sizes to enhance windows, then add a personalized pattern mix with your favorite Saffron Marigold block prints for tablecloths and pillow covers