Style Your Table Three Ways – Eastern, Tribal or Handmade.

Saffron Marigold - Updated: November 8, 2018

Long before the appetizer is served, let your table make a first impression with these stunning kilim inspired linens. The holidays are by nature festive occasions, so have fun with the bright tribal colors of Kilim Noir! We love to be creative with our linens, and with that in mind we’ve styled our Kilim Noir Table in three ways: Kilim Noir styled with an Eastern vibe, a Tribal feel and with Handmade touches.

Eastern Kilim Noir

Table Linens

Eastern decor embraces different cultures and does not focus on a single or specific region. The use of color is one of the most dramatic characteristics of this decor style. Kilim Noir’s black and gold tablecloths and table linens will make a stunning impact when paired with vibrant and vivid napkins from Saffron Marigold’s napkin collection.

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1. Kilim Noir Black and Gold Tablecloth.  Bring a bit – no, a lot – of drama and color to your holiday party this year by using this tablecloth. Black and gold lend themselves to bold, exotic design. Wonder what you’ll do with your festive table?

2. Spice Route Dinner Napkins.  Pair our Kilim Noir tablecloth with the bold graphic pattern of Spice Route napkins. Without even realizing it, you will have set the stage for cheerful conversation and laughter.

3. Indian Summer Dinner Napkins.  The mango hues of Indian Summer harmonize so well with the gold of Kilim Noir. You can echo the warm hues of fall and early winter by layering these linens at your table.

4. Red Poppy Dinner Napkins.  Tap into the red and gold of Kilim Noir by pairing it with Red Poppy. The classic simplicity of these napkins will balance the dramatic colors of the tablecloth.


Let the sights, smells, and sounds of Eastern lands inspire the way you decorate your table. Start with the global Spice Route curtains and accessorize with ceramics that give you a glimpse into a potter’s soul, a centerpiece that resonates with creativity……and serve your guests food that transports them to mysterious faraway lands.

sr_c_red_orange_moroccan_chevron_print_curtain_panel_maincazuelas 2antique copper layla tabletop WM

1. Spice Route (c) Curtains The bold chevron patterned curtains are such a great contrast to the rustic, almost tribal vibe of Kilim Noir. Pairing vivid prints like this adds drama and great visual appeal.

2. Terracotta cazuelas, La Tienda.  These traditional cazuelas or terracotta dishes, bring a little bit of Spain right into your homes. They are perfect to serve tapas such as olives, almonds, caper berries or a hearty Fall soup, like a pumpkin or squash. The deep red glaze blends beautifully with the red of the print, and the earthy rustic finish complements the glamorous print.

3. Antique Copper Layla Lantern, World Market. Isn’t this absolutely stunning? There’s nothing like an exotic lantern, emanating soft, radiant light to set the tone for a most unique dinner party.

Tribal Kilim Noir

Table Linens

Make a break from Thanksgiving tradition and go tribal, designing your table decor around the Turkish inspired Kilim Noir. Make your guests feel as if they have travelled the world while sitting in the comfort of your home. Stripes, zig zags and chevrons are great patterns to really bring home the tribal feel.

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1. Kilim Noir Round TableclothDo you have a round table? I envy you! They are so perfect for large holiday gatherings, and when decked out in stunning black and gold, they become even more attractive.

2. Kilim Noir Dinner NapkinsSometimes more is more. For instance, using Kilim Noir napkins to accessorize a Kilim Noir tablecloth. Deepen the lush ambience of the pattern with striking, creamy zigzags set against a deep black ground. So right for your tribal setting.

3. Amarela Dinner Napkins, The RoosteryBold white marks over a black cotton cloth make for a striking and unique addition to your Kilim Noir table.

4. Ruby Kilim Dinner Napkins. Use our other kilim inspired print, Ruby Kilim, to highlight red and the black tones. The creamy background brings balance and relief to the opulence of the black and gold.


If you want to style a tribal look for the holidays, look for interestingly unique accessories that will stand as the center of any conversation. Layer global decor with tribal textiles and create a sophisticated scene by contrasting modern and vintage.


1. Ruby Kilim Kitchen CurtainsKitchen curtains like this are a win win. You can look at the beautiful print and at the same time, look out the window to see the wondrous fall colors. Borrowing the same Turkish influence of Kilim Noir, they pair handsomely.

2. Seven Inch Bowl, Polish Pottery Market. I am absolutely in love with this dinnerware. Graphic and rhythmic style, along with bold color will add to the adventure at your table.

3. Ugandan Baskets, Houzz.Bring some smokin’ hot tribal vibe with these grass baskets handwoven in Uganda. Bark and roots are used to create the dyes that create the gorgeous colorings of these handmade, natural fiber vessels.

Handmade Kilim Noir

Table Linens

The hand crafted Kilim Noir table runner is a great way to add texture and color, especially if you are “fabric phobic” when it comes to setting a table. A table without a tablecloth and just a runner is a bold move that will define your entire theme. Handmade decor is all about enriching your daily life with high quality products you feel passionate about.


1. Kilim Noir Black and Gold Table RunnerA popular trend these days is to leave the table unadorned and just use a brilliant runner down the middle. Its a bold move where your table becomes the focus. Runners are versatile and another fantastic use for them is on a drinks/dessert sideboard.

2. Orange Blossom Dinner Napkins.Celebrate all things handmade with these napkins that are will spread the joy all around with festive red hues and ornate hand printed scrolling.

3. Indian Summer Dinner NapkinsAdd a colorful, folksy touch to your autumn table with these 100% cotton napkins and in doing so you will be giving a nod to the bounty of harvest season.

4. Pool of Tranquility Dinner NapkinsInspired by the season’s rich colors, the red and green foliage make these napkins a seasonal must have.


Our linens have been created using centuries old traditions and skills that have been passed down from one generation to another. In keeping with this principle, accessorize with items that reflect this handmade quality. Accessorizing your home with manufactured products is passé. Embrace handmade pieces and pay homage to the artisans who create them.


1. Kilim Noir ValanceA pretty valance with a beaded trim is sometimes all you need to dress up a window. And when the print is an exotic black and gold show stopping pattern, you’ll be receiving compliments all day long.

2. Keaton Copper Bowl, Crate & Barrel. Enhance the rich gold of Kilim Noir with this versatile hand hammered bowl. Fill with nuts, snacks or fresh fruit – or use as a display for gorgeous, natural fall bounty.

3. Hudson red ceramic vases, Pottery Barn. Hand thrown terracotta pots finished in a brilliant red glaze with a distressed finish!!! How gorgeous and how perfect for Kilim Noir.

Whatever your design mantra is, we have inspiring ideas and helpful suggestions for you. Use a couple of these ideas, or mix and match with a few of your own, for a really memorable holiday table that reflects your unique, authentic self. Celebrate!

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  1. The dinner napkins are just so beautiful and they will perfectly complement the fall color decorations I have and brighten up my dining table!!!!! Just love them!!

  2. The dinner napkins are just so beautiful and they will perfectly complement the fall color decorations I have and brighten up my dining table!!!!! Just love them

  3. I love the Kilim Noir table cloth! It would look gorgeous with gold tone charges and a lot of white pillar candles lit in the center! Beautiful!

  4. I have Saffron Marigold products throughout my New Jersey home, on the windows and beds, but the only table linen I have (red poppy) is quite old and stained at this point, and not up to the holiday finery. While I have a small extended family, I am blessed that all 20 of them are coming (some from thousands of miles away) for Thanksgiving dinner this year. It’s all the more poignant, given that we’re just getting back to normal after the Hurricane Sandy power outages. We weren’t sure if we’d be able to host this year, but — thanks to power companies from all over the country — we’re up and running. That said, my not-so-big house will be set up with folding tables in 3 rooms to accommodate us all. I would love to tie in the whole setting with your Kilm Noir products, with a cloth on the main dining room table and runners/napkins on the satellite seating areas. The striking, high contrast colors are so perfect for the holiday. I’d scatter some gourds and baby pumpkins and tea light candles. Together, over the beautifully set tables, we’ll gather to count our many blessings.

  5. I would use them to warm and cozy up our dining room table. My headband and I have both sets of parents traveling to our home for the holiday. A special occasion indeed!

  6. The kilim noir naplins and table runner would be perfect for my daughter’s Thanksgiving table. She has decided to host again this year and I would love to accent her table with these beautiful linens. Thanksgiving is my birthday so I am not sure if the gift should be hers or mine!

  7. Erika Bleiberg is a good friend of mine. I would like to vote for her to win your beautiful linens.

  8. Thank you for sharing the links for great coordination items.It makes shopping easy as well as making your home beautiful. Much Appreciated 🙂

    • Glad you’re enjoying the post Jessica. We enjoy browsing the web to bring you items that coordinate with our products. It makes our job that much more fun too. Thanks for letting us know. That too is greatly appreciated.

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