Fathers Day 2013 Survey Results

Saffron Marigold - Updated: July 1, 2014

Dear Friends of Saffron Marigold,

Happy Fathers Day!

Last year I celebrated my first Fathers Day.  I sent out a letter  along with a survey that got an enthusiastic response. The results were insightful, they were also entertaining, and I am sharing them here with you. There are many surveys out there on Fathers Day but I haven’t been able to find any that talks about Fathers day in the context of bedding and linens! It will be interesting to see how this data changes year over year and the role fathers play with regards to bedding and linens at home! If you find this information useful, please do take a few minutes to fill out the survey for this year.

On to the results now..

Our customers take the time to shop for, and value their bedding and linens, so it stands to reason that their beds will be well made. It wasn’t a big surprise to note that 70% or so have their beds well made.


Like most men, I think I do a lot of work around the house, but am made aware at regular intervals that that is not the case. The results below too seem to indicate that moms do the heavy lifting when it comes time to make the bed!


This came as no surprise. Moms shop for bed linens. With the choices to deal with (percale, cotton, blended, linen, Egyptian cotton…) it’s best to stay away from doing something, anything, that is sure to come back to hound you later. “You actually thought we could sleep on these?” 🙂


I felt validated with this next one. I most definitely belong to the 80% who prefer simplicity while making the bed.  20% take the time to make their beds and like the ornate look.


This above result is the motivation behind a large scale revamp of our bedding series where we have decided to offer mix and match ideas for a simple and an ornate look. The first 6 in this new format have been profiled in our Fathers Day series. Over time, we intend to up the ante by offering many more suggestions, with photographs, to put a “look” together.

We have always wondered which of our collections appeal to men. Our take is the Fathers Day series with 6 of them profiled. Below is what  you thought. If you think some other print should be on this list, please do let us know.


The survey also had an open ended question: Share a funny “bed linen” story? Below are a few responses (these received an offer for free shipping on their next order)

Mary writes: Our first set of “silk” bed sheets almost bested us. They were purchased as a special treat for our 10th wedding anniversary. It took an hour to make the bed due to sliding sheets. We lost all sheets and blankets during the night (mid January in the Northwest). But the best visiual would be us trying to use the pillows to help keep my husband from slipping backwsrds while trying to be very romanic. All was going well until the pillows (in their new cases) began to slip and slide out from under him, he was almost flat next to me. We ended up sleeping without a top sheet nor any pillow cases because we got tired of chance the silly things. The New Silky sheets didn’t remain on the bed even for the rest of the weekend. We never used them again. And we have had 34 additional anniversaries.

Jamie writes: No funny linen stories, but a touching one. When my husband retired in 2011 we sold our big house and put our belongings in storage and began living in a series of furnished rentals like nomads. During this time, my dad died in his home. I took the linens off his bed and we began sleeping on them in the rented house, which had a king sized-bed like my dad’s. Now we are sleeping in our own queen sized bed in our new-to-us house, but I still put those linens on the bed sometimes. We could fit two of our pillows in his cases, and there’s lots of extra flat sheet to fold over and tuck in. Once I turned 8 or 9, I stopped childishly perceiving my dad as “larger than life”. But today, the act of making the bed causes me to see my “Big D”, as he used to address himself to us kids, in a new way. (The “D” was for Dad — not his initial). I have never encountered a sweeter or more affectionate expression of humor and love than his, which took the form of pet names, word play and private language. We would take a spontaneous moment and, together as family, somehow transform it into a rich meaning that could be evoked again and again with a phrase. My dad’s type of warm communication planted itself deeply in my heart and became my very definition of the experience of being loved. In my late middle age, I metaphorically hoist his bed sheets like big sails that help me transform cold, wordless winds into warm currents of good-humored expression. Thanks, Big D, I’ll always love you.

Aubrey writes: One morning, my cat, Rocco, decided to climb under the linens while I made the bed (he just likes it under there.) After I finished, I just let the cat hang out between the blankets. About a half hour later, I walked in the room with our dog, Charlie, a pitbull/corgi mix (weird, I know) close behind. Normally, the dog is not usually allowed on the bed, but for some reason, on this day, he decided he was going to jump up there. What he didn’t know is that where he was planning on landing, the cat was sound asleep. Essentially, once Charlie got up there, the cat flipped out, which in turn caused the dog to do a near backflip off the bed. I found it pretty funny – the animals did not.

Sarah writes: When my son was about 4-5 years old, his best friend came to stay for a few days with me while his parents went on vacation. As they were typical little boys they constantly got themselves into mischief. After they had done something naughty, I told them to go into the bedroom for a time-out. After about 20 minutes or so I noticed that it had become very, very quiet. Usually these 2 little mischievous little boys made lots of noise. When I went into the bedroom to check on them I found an open window with several bed linens tied together in knots, and no little boys. They had used the bed linens to form an escape rope and they had used the bed linens/rope to climb out of the window (about a 12 foot drop). Luckily neither one of them was hurt. This happened about 40 years ago, but I will always remember going into that bedroom and my heart dropping when I saw the bed linens tied to the bottom of a bed post, the escape rope made of bed linens and the open window and no little boys. It is a story that I often tell because I think it to be quite funny and ingenious of these little boys, but also very mischievous, which they were. lol

Shaine writes: “Dressing” the bed is so in fashion. If you did not…oh my goodness…what would the neighbors think? Not only that … but you needed a cupboard to store the plethora of pillows…from European sham, to neck pillows, standard sham, and then a few lacy ones to bring it all together. By the time the bed was made and “dressed”…whew…it was almost time for lunch and an afternoon nap. One day..the hubster and I decided enough is enough and now we only “dress” the bed when company is coming over. The rest of the time it is neat and tidy but without all the shams and frills. (We stack them up on a spare chair in the bedrooom. What a relief. Who cares what the neighbors say!! BTW…Vivaan is too delicious. Absolutely adorable. May he grow up to bring you much joy and may he always be surrounded with much love.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Please do take a few minutes to fill out the survey for this year.