New Curtains and Pillows Invite an Indian Summer into Your Home!

Saffron Marigold - Updated: August 24, 2015

Today, we plan to just sit back, relax, and let the colors of fall inspire us. Soon those colors will be all around, but until then, we can take a sneak peek at some wonderful decor ideas that bring autumnal delight right into our living rooms.

Indian Summer Fall 2014

Sheer Cotton Curtains

One of our favorites for fall is the classically named “Indian Summer” pattern. In mango and coral, and inspired by sari prints, this richly hued, hand-printed cotton is vibrant and natural all at once. Indian Summer curtains and our complementary print will instantly brighten your space, and remind you that warm fall sunshine can’t be too far off.

Indian Summer Sheer Cotton Curtain
Indian Summer Sheer Cotton Curtain
Tab Top Detail
Tab Top Detail
Indian Summer (c) Sheer Cotton Curtain
Indian Summer (c) Sheer Cotton Curtain
Tab Top Detail
Tab Top Detail

Curtain Rods

A global, organic style curtain rod or finial is a must with this soft fair trade curtain. I can’t help but love the little birdie perched atop the Urbanest finial, but ultimately, I am most drawn to the warm wood tones of World Market’s Nobel Rod. Mmmm… decisions, decisions! Which of the three do you like best?

Urbanest Curtain Rod
Birds Curtain Rod – Urbanest
Nobel Drapery Rods World Market
Nobel Drapery Rods – World Market
Shelby Curtain Rod
Shelby Curtain Rod – Overstock


Fall calls for cozy comfort, and what could be more comfortable than a scattering of plump throw pillows? Try a solid in rich chocolate, and add layers of pattern with our own an Indian Summer Throw Pillow, or a Spice Route euro sham.

Indian Summer Throw Pillow
Indian Summer (c) Throw Pillow
Shantung Chocolate
Shantung Chocolate – Pillows and Pillows
Spice Route Euro Sham
Spice Route Euro Sham

Fall Living Room Accessories

For finishing touches, a bit of seasonal decor will tie your whole look together. These are simple pieces that can be used for many autumns to come.

Leaf Candles
Leaf Candles – Martha Stewart
Leaf Bunting
DIY Leaf Bunting – Simple as That Blog
Hypericum Berries
Hypericum Berries – Save On Crafts

By now, you may almost smell the apple pie baking and hear leaves crunching outside.

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