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Saffron Marigold - Updated: June 5, 2012
indian elephants
"The Good Luck Elephant", from valentinadesign, Etsy

Everyone loves the royal and iconic image of an elephant, yet quality fabrics that capture their majesty seem hard to come by.  Today, we’ll weed out the cutsy, pastel elephants (which are lovely in their place) and showcase some of the nicest “grown up” elephant prints we’ve found.

We’ll start with Saffron Marigold’s own Maharaja collection.

indian elephant printindian elephant tablecloth
royal elephant fabricindian elephant fabric print

All of these pieces are hand printed in India on high quality soft cotton , using traditional block printing techniques.  These are some of the nicest Indian fabrics available, and you’ll find this in how they look, wear, and feel.  Our full line includes bedding, table linens, sheer curtains, shower curtains and pillow covers.  Everything is fair trade produced, well made and well priced.

Following are more resources for sophisticated elephant prints.

  • From Manuel Canovas, “Bengale” in Paprika. The surprising combination of traditional chinoiserie with bright tropical colors allows for a wide range of design options.    This print is available for wallpapers as well as upholstery fabric.
manuel canovas elephant print manuel canovas elephant print
  • From Housefabric.com, “Uzbek Ruby” and “Le Cirque Ebony”.  This online boutique has one of the best collections of refined, quality elephant print fabrics I’ve found.  These fabrics are linen and rayon blends, available for $19.00 a yard.
elephant decorelephant home decor

I’ll end with a few more accessories for elephant-philes…  Enjoy!

elephant artelephant artelephant decorindian decor
1.2. 3.4.

1.  Chamcha wood elephant head wall art. $34, Amazon.com  (click on the images for purchase information).

2.  French exposition art, on canvas with wood frame. $199. Restoration Hardware

3. Two Elephants rice pillow, $64, 2Modern

4.  Indian Wooden Print Blocks, $34 for large set of 2, HarabuHouse

Let us know if any of you have designed with an elephant theme.  We’d love to see what you’ve come up with, and what unusual pieces you may have included.  (Remember, we love to hear from you, and we really love pictures of your design ideas!)

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