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For the travel-lover

Travel to Morocco from within the comfort of your dorm room by using Sultan’s Palace bed linens. Opulent, rich and sumptuous linens that will make you feel downright regal!

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For the global citizen

The turquoise, ochre and green in our global, vibrant Dance O Peacock will infuse your dorm room with a tropical vibe!

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PB pin

For the ocean lover

Drab dorm room getting you down? Set sail with our Pacific Blue duvet and bed linens.

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For an explosion of color

No more dull dorms! Explore our Dreams of India collection and let your design imagination run wild!

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SM Fil

For a Hollywood look

A combination that never goes out of style, the black and white pattern of this print is purely chic. Bring back the romance, style and vintage glamour of 40’s Hollywood with our Filigree duvet and curtains.

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For the chic student

Ideas to add instant style and chic to your dorm room with elegant, French-inspired Morning Dew duvets and pillows!

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Do check out our complete selection of twin duvets, bedspreads and pillows that will make dorm life so much more fun!