Create a Unique, Boho Holiday Table for Friends and Family!

Saffron Marigold - Updated: November 8, 2018

Holiday entertaining and bohemian style were meant to go together.  Vintage and new, layers of colors, twinkling candles, global accents – all these come together to create a colorful, classic boho holiday table that reflects your family’s unique style!

Boho Mosaique Bleue

Table Linens

Mosaique Bleue is inspired by the pattern of intricate Moroccan tile work, and is colored to reflect the beautiful sand, sun, and sea along the coast.  The layers of design and color make it easy to accent this bohemian tablecloth with all sorts of interesting patterns.  We’ve suggested three napkins which lend to a boho holiday style.  Each features a warm, peachy orange color, which connects to the bright circles in Mosaique Bleue. 

1. Mosaique Bleue Boho Tablecloth. If you’re wondering how to make this tablecloth work for the holidays, we suggest choosing a color scheme made of at least three colors in Mosaique Bleue.  Find glass or metallic ornaments in the first color, weave ribbon in the second color through your centerpiece, and choose candles in the third color.  Use traditionally festive items, but move the color wheel to the hues of Mosaique Bleue!

2. Mosaique Bleue Dinner Napkins. Boho style is much to do with mix and matching, and layering eclectic pieces together.  Our cotton dinner napkins make that style simple to achieve!  Mosaique Bleue dinner napkins will match the color scheme perfectly, but add new graphic elements and a variety of scale to design.

3. Tropical Garden Dinner Napkins. Tropical Garden dinner napkins feature vivid, red-orange flowers detailed across a warm, creamy cotton.   These will play with the reds and oranges in Mosaique Blue, and add hot pizazz to your boho holiday table! 

4. Wild Poppies Dinner Napkins These napkins are a bit more on the cooler side of the color wheel, ad pick up nicely on the muted blues and subdued oranges. We think the mix of the pattern along with similar colors will make an interesting, eclectic design choice!


Because this boho holiday table is grounded in shimmering, muted tones, we want the accessories to be colorful and eclectic, yet glamorous and slightly understated.  We’ve gone with turquoise stoneware, recycled glass and little golden lanterns for a look that celebrates! 

1. Cambria Stoneware in Turquoise, Pottery BarnThe Cambria line is a Pottery Barn classic because it offers soft, organic edges and a variety of colorful glazes, sure to fit any whim or occasion!

2. Marseille Bottle Vase, Birch Lane. Use this ballooned vase as a centerpiece, or on a side table for more natural glamour. At the holidays, consider filling the vase with tiny fairy lights, or adding stems of holly mixed with a few bright ornaments! 

3. Mini Holographic Lanterns, Lights.  Add warmth and twinkle with mini lanterns, which can be scattered here and there amongst the plating, or down the center as an extended centerpiece. 

Whatever your design mantra is, we have inspiring ideas and helpful suggestions for you. Use a couple of these ideas, or mix and match with a few of your own, for a really memorable holiday table that reflects your unique, authentic self. Celebrate!