Vibrant Coordinating Pillows for Spice Route

Saffron Marigold - Updated: August 8, 2016

So you’ve purchased a Spice Route Duvet or Bedspread, have found a great set of coordinating sheets, and are ready to make the bed.  Everything is lovely, exotic and warm – just as you’d imagined.  It’s wonderful the way it is, but in the case that you want to add the next level of texture, tone and richness to your space, we’ve got throw pillow recommendations for you!

red moroccan throw pillow
Spice Route Throw Pillow Sham, swatch detail

Throw pillows and exotic bedding were meant to be together.  The riot of colors, the shimmering fabrics and the soothing playfulness of a pile of pillows are reminiscent of treasures in a bustling Moroccan market.  The Spice Route palette of rich reds, rusts, cinnamon, mustard and a pop of blue lends itself to using a variety of throw pillows in multiple colors.

Choose several complimentary Saffron Marigold pillows that pull from the the major warm color blocks on Spice Route – reds, yellows, browns and burgundies.  Add at least one turquoise or cerulean pillow for a noticeable “wow” factor.  The shimmery green Memories of Shalimar also does especially well, as it contrasts with the rich reds of the duvet.

hand printed blue pillow cover
Starry Nights Throw Pillow Covers – Saffron Marigold

Moroccan throw pillow
Ocean Breezes Moroccan Throw Pillow Cover – Saffron Marigold

throw pillows for Moroccan bedding
Wedding Day Hand Printed Sham – Saffron Marigold

decorative orange paisley throw pillows
Indian Summer Throw Pillows – Saffron Marigold

Black and Gold Throw Pillow
Kilim Noir Throw Pillow Cover – Saffron Marigold

Asian Green Floral Pillow Cushion Cover
Memories of Shalimar Throw Pillow Cover – Saffron Marigold

We’ve also sourced a group of solid pillows that pull from the palette of Spice Route.  Together, and in varied combinations, these will help to create the stand-out, unique bed of your dreams.  Which will you choose?

pillows to coordinate with red duvet
Caravan Cotton Turquoise Pillow – Amazon

Gold pillow for Moroccan Bedding
Vintage Gold Ruffled Silk Sham – Stretch and Cover

chocolate brown throw pillow
Shiny Chocolate Throw Pillow – Buy

Burgundy throw pillow to coordinate with Spice Route
Geometric Burgundy Throw Pillow Cover – Amazon

Blue throw pillow to coordinate with moroccan bedding
Round Cerulean Blue Throw Pillow – Buy

solid green throw pillow
Wide Wale Corduroy Pillow in Olive – Pillow Decor

If you’d like to head out about town and search for even more throw pillows, we recommend taking along one of our generously sized swatches.  You’ll be able to find just the right pieces to complete your Spice Route bedroom!