Complementary bedding for our Paisley Fraiche duvet

Saffron Marigold - Updated: August 2, 2014

There’s no two ways about it – Paisley Fraiche has got to be the most delicate, most charming and prettiest of our prints. OK, so I will admit I am a bit biased towards anything paisley, but this really is as soft and serene a print as you will ever find. The lime green paisley vines accented with lilac blossoms, printed on an ivory cream ground only enhances this soft feminine appeal.

The large paisley motifs on the Paisley Fraiche’s duvet are repeated as smaller motifs on the reverse side. Its getting two duvets for the price of one and a completely different look with the flick of the wrist!

Paisley Fraiche duvet

Paisley Fraiche duvet, Detail of reverse print


Accenting the green on the print will refresh and re-enrgize your bedroom. Green being the color of renewal and reawakening, will bring a crisp, fresh quality, and these green sheets from Jenny George are the perfect match. Lilac! Who doesn’t love this color? I just love these lilac sheets from QVC. Highlighting the lilac blossoms on the print, they will give your bedroom a boost of personality.

Jenny George Lime Microfiber Solid Sheet Set, Amazon

Cotton rich sheet set in Lilac, QVC

Pillows: Euro shams, pillow shams and accent pillows:

The layered bed look is so popular these days and no wonder. Layer euro shams, then pillow shams and then accent pillows on the bed and you’ll have a cloud to fall into at the end of each day.

Euro shams

27″ x 27″ of exquisite handcraftsmanship, the Paisley Fraiche euro sham, when placed against the headboard or the wall behind the bed, will make quite an impression. Mix and match with the deep purple suede shams from Etsy to intensify the lilac color.

For a queen-size bed two pillows are normal, but three will give the first layer more dimension. On a king-sized bed, four will have the same visual interest. Instead of laying them flat on the headboard or wall, you can overlap them so they stand away from the flat surface a little bit.

Paisley Fraiche euro sham

Suede euro sham in deep purple, Etsy

Pillow shams

The next layer is created from the pillows that you use every night to sleep on. Paisley Fraiche pillow shams that are part of the collection stand up in front of the Euros. As gorgeous as the green and the lilac colors are, there is something to be said about ivory lace pillows, the quintessential luxury in pillows. Frontgate’s lace pillows are woven of the finest Italian-spun, 100% Egyptian cotton sateen.

Typically, two standard-sized pillows work for this layer but if you want more pillows, then just stack them in front of each other.

Paisley Fraiche pillow sham

Frontgate lace pillow sham, Amazon

Accent pillows

Finally, place some smaller throw pillows at different angles in front of the pillows to give the appearance of having been casually thrown onto the bed. I’ve suggested a few options including the Paisley Fraiche throw pillow.

Paisley Fraiche throw pillow

White chrysanthemum pillow cover with lilac embroidery , Etsy

Moroccan pillow in Palm green, Wisteria

Dupioni silk lilac pillow, Pillow decor

A closer look

Paisley Fraiche

See how easy it is? To create a sumptuous pillows-piled-in-layers look on your bed like those beautifully made up beds piled high with layers of pillows you see in magazines?

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