Ask the Designer – prints that coordinate with mauve walls

Saffron Marigold - Updated: May 28, 2015

Every so often we get a customer who has a design dilemma, and we love to take the time to research the question and come up with an answer.

Today’s question is from Allison:

Hi there,
I am interested in a bedspread or duvet cover from your site.
I’m moving into a bedroom with purple/mauve walls that I can’t change. I was wondering if your spice route material would coordinate with this color.

Thank you!

Hmmmm….Allison, we’ve all had that problem before. Moving into a space where you simply cannot change anything and have to make the best of what is already there!!

Mauve can range from grayed purple into a rosy red-violet. And though it is a classic which is hard for women to carry off in clothing, it is soothing and elegant in interiors! It is rich, royal and unmistakably feminine!

The many moods of mauve, Sensational Color

Mauve is a color that does best when either offset with prints that have calming whites and ivory for a soft feminine appeal , or enhanced with prints that have the same mauve purple hues for a rich regal look. The only exception would be yellow which lies across it on the color wheel for a vibrant look. Little pops of vivacious color in accessories are just fine.

Spice Route, while being one of my favorite Saffron Marigold prints, will work better with neutral walls, or walls that have one of the colors on the print, namely brown, yellow, blue or deep red.

Spice Route swatch


Prints that will work best with mauve walls

Whites and off -whites

Lavender Dreams: This print has lavender motifs in lilac, amethyst and deep green, set against a creamy white ground. Paired with mauve purple walls it will really lighten the space, keeping a calm and soothing vibe. The graceful print will heighten the elegant classic appeal of mauve.

Lavender Dreams duvet

Lavender Dreams Pillow sham

Paisley Fraiche: Another one of our delicate prints, this has lime green paisley vines accented with delicate lilac blossoms, printed on an ivory cream ground. whatever shade of mauve the wall color is, it ill pick up the lilac blossoms of Paisley Fraiche and really bring the color to life.

Paisley Fraiche shower curtain

Paisley Fraiche shower curtain detail

Deep purples:

Purple Moon: Talking about royal and regal, this print will take that effect to a whole new level. Deep golden tan blossoms outlined in dark chocolate are patterned across a deep purple ground, Purple Moon will create drama and bring a deep dramatic nuance to the room.

Purple Moon tablecloth

Purple Moon napkins

Sultan’s Palace: This print with Moroccan inspired medallions will give you the same exotic sensation as Spice Route, which you like. Evocative of the mysterious Orient, the motifs in ivory, fuchsia, ochre and turquoise on a purple ground are stunning. I think it will be an absolutely perfect print for any shade of mauve and/or purple. 

Sultan’s Palace curtain panel

Sultan’s Palace window valance

Allison, I hope this will help you make a decision. Do remember, we have generously sized swatches which will make it that much easier to pick the print you want.