Ask the Designer: I’d Love an India-Inspired Duvet for my Colorful Bedroom!

Saffron Marigold - Updated: September 21, 2018

Hello! I received the swatches and they are lovely. Unfortunately the colors aren’t quite right for the bedroom. I’m trying to match a periwinkle colored wall, cherry colored rug and an ivory curtain. The furniture is walnut and maple. Having spent time in Jaipur a few months ago I was so excited to find your company and would love to buy some of your products for my bedroom. Any suggestions as to duvet color? Perhaps I could obtain another sample of a pattern that would be better suited for the color scheme I am working with. What do you suggest?

Thank you! Sarah

Sarah’s Colors


Colors of India – Orange Blossom

Given your recent trip to India, we think it would be good to offer you options that help bring a slice of India into your home! Orange Blossom is our first choice – the print has purple accents, and the saturated oranges and yellows will really pop against the lilac walls and rosy carpet.

Colors of India – India Rose

India Rose is a lovely, saturated salmon-pink color, with lots of purple in the trellis which will work well with the walls and floor covering. Since you’ve recently visited Jaipur, you’ll love that this print was inspired by the Hawa Mahal, a must-see historical monument in the old city.


Colors of India – Casablanca

Casablanca is a simpler choice than the two above, with generous white space and glowing coastal tones. The blues and greens will vibe beautifully with your floor and wall colors as well!

Sarah, we also thought that Midnight Lotus, Tropical Garden, and Dance O Peacock would shine in your lovely space! Please let us know what you choose – we’d love to see pictures, too! 🙂