Ask the Designer: Help Me Decorate My New Home!

Saffron Marigold - Updated: April 22, 2015

Laurie has a gorgeous house full of Saffron Marigold. Her life is moving in a new direction, and she wrote the following:

Hope you can help me. I’ve shopped with you a few times and I wouldn’t go anywhere else! I’m moving into a new house, new location, and I need some help!Laurie

She sent a detailed letter with her vision for each room of the house, and asked for fabric suggestions for curtains and bedding, and wall color ideas where repainting will be called for. She even linked us to the Zillow images of her new home so that we could envision what might work best in her space. Let’s take a look around!

The Living Room and Dining Room

Dining Room with Ruby Kilim

Ruby Kilim Curtains

The living room and dining room in Laurie’s new home both have the same suede-gold walls, and one of the rooms will house her gorgeous black and burgundy floral rug. She envisions Ruby Kilim curtains in these spaces, and one can easily see why. The space will be rich and warm, but not overbearing.

Dining room with Pool of Tranquility

Pool of Tranquility Curtains

Another option for this space is our new Pool of Tranquility print. The lovely ochre in the print makes it almost irresistible to put it against Laurie’s golden walls. This print would lend a bit more overtly Indian look to her space, but because of the connection of colors, would fit in nicely with her existing pieces.

The Attic Bedroom

green bedroom no text
Bright Blues or Muted Yellow

Moonlit Taj

I just love attic bedrooms. The unique wall and ceiling features, and the feel of a secret getaway lure me in every time. Laurie’s attic retreat has pale agave walls, and she’d like ideas for bedding and curtains. I love our fresh Moonlit Taj print in this room. They’ll let in a wonderfully diffused light, and the green scrolling vines will connect with her wall color beautifully.

Waltz of the Vines

Laurie likes the look of Waltz of the Vines in this space. This print would create a very understated, almost mono-tonal look. Laurie could bring together the feel of the space with natural fibers and found beachy materials.

The Red Poppy Bedroom

rp_indian_moghul_floral_red_ poppy_print_pillow_cover_main
Creamy Yellow Wall Colors from Sherwin-Williams

Morning Sun, Jonquil and Golden Rule

Laurie will be bringing the Red Poppy bedding and curtains from her current home. She wants to use them in a bedroom that is currently blue. (Think middle school boy blue. 🙂 ) Wisely, she’s repainting. I’ve chosen a spectrum of yellows from Sherwin-Williams that range from very pale to a statement color. To create a room that feels light, airy and fresh, she should choose palest Morning Sun or summery Jonquil. Golden Rule would absolutely change the dynamic of the bedroom and make it trend toward mysterious and exotic.

The Future Den

red den
Deep Red and Warm Gray

Ruby Kilim (c) at the Window

Someday soon this richly red bedroom will be transformed into a den, dressed in our complementary Ruby Kilim curtains and warm gray furniture. The geometric print in this space will pick up on the red walls, but not compete at all. The creamy ground and bits of deep red and warm gray will hold visual interest, and elevate the already gloriously rich red walls.

The Blue Bath

Coordinating with Blue and White Tile

Midnight Lotus

Those of us who have moved know that it is just so wonderful to find ways to make the existing space work without major renovations. Especially in a bathroom, where renovations are not simple nor inexpensive. I love Laurie’s idea of using Midnight Lotus in this bath. It instantly brings together the tile work and turns a slightly vintage-y look into something new and exciting. I would consider painting the window frame white, and possibly even painting the vanity. This would really remake the space, on the cheap.

Laurie, thanks so much for letting us in to your new place, and for giving us the opportunity to daydream with you about how Saffron Marigold can help make your house into a home. I love your vision, and can’t wait to see it become a reality! (Pictures, please! 🙂 )Heidi

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  1. Wow! Heidi, you are amazing! I love being able to view choices in the rooms and with various color suggestions. I can’t thank you enough. I do like the green Pool of Tranquility curtains. The dining room does have one red wall. I haven’t chosen a rug yet. So, my question: Ruby Kilm in living room and the green in the dining room? Or, choose one pattern? I’m torn now! I love the green as well.

    I was also thinking of moving the Moonlight Taj into the “blue” bedroom. It’s pretty blue, though! I wondered if the white in the curtains might tone it down while keeping the color on the walls? Too much? I also have not chosen a rug for this room.

    I absolutely agree with painting the bathroom trim and cabinets white. Thank you for that one!

    I so appreciate your work in putting this together. It really helps to bring vision to the new space. I’m grateful for the opportunity to ‘see’ it in place!

    • Really glad you like the post, Laurie. “Ask the Designer” is one of my favorite things to do for Saffron Marigold! (Especially when I have such fun photos to work with.)

      Let’s talk about the living room and dining room. I wasn’t sure from your photos whether the rooms are open to one another, or separate. If they are separate, then I think you can easily do a separate print in each room. If they are the same, then you need to decide if you want the rooms to “feel” like one large space, or if you want them to feel a bit distinct. I suppose the benefit of using Ruby Kilim in the dining room is that you can keep your red wall!

      Actually, it makes sense to me to keep the red wall and put your paint money into the blue bedroom. A new wall color there will make a huge positive difference! If you choose a light wall color, I could imagine a natural fiber rug in ochre, or rich red brown. If you choose a more intense color, then I’d opt for a lighter natural rug.

      Take care, and many blessings on you in your new home!
      – Heidi

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