Sultan’s Palace Inspires Delicious Moroccan Dining Decor

Saffron Marigold - Updated: February 18, 2016

Paprika, cumin and cinnamon take front and center stage in your dinner today. Threads of saffron weave in and out of these flavors, enticing the senses and whetting the appetite. Nutmeg, anise, mace and cardamom patiently wait their turn to be added to the mix…….

Sultans Palace table linens bring to life these culinary adventures of Morocco. You and your guests will be transported to a place they could only dream of, where heady spices and bustling bazaars intoxicate and enchant.

SP Dining Room

Sultan’s Palace Dining Room Collection


Saffron Marigold

Sultan’s Palace Tablecloth

No matter what’s going on in your dining room, Sultan’s Palace will create a look that’s bold, exotic and that welcomes friends and family with a burst of color.  Choose from our rectangular tablecloth….

Saffron Marigold

Sultan’s Palace Round Tablecloth

….or the round, each which come in a variety of sizes.

Saffron Marigold

Sultan’s Palace Table Runner

If you have a lovely natural wood table that you’d like to show off, choose a stunning runner to add elegance and sparkle to your scene.

Saffron Marigold

Sultan’s Palace Napkins

Top the table off with our soft, 100% cotton dinner napkins.  These always create an instant upgrade, and because of their gorgeous hand printed pattern, will be like tiny works of art at each place setting.


aurora glass bowls viva terra
Viva Terra

Aurora Recycled Glass Bowls

Bowls that look almost like sea glass will contribute a bit of sparkle to your jeweled table.  I like the hints of turquoise, which play into our palette without competing with it.


Moroccan Ceramic Bowl

Make sure you have a few authentic Moroccan elements at your Sultan’s Palace table.  A ceramic bowl like this could become a staple centerpiece, and will just as easily hold your salad!


superior moravian star shades of light
Shades of Light

Superior Moravian Star Lantern

Moroccan inspired lighting is just delicious.  Considering that the lanterns seem to use the sky and stars as their muse, you’ll be adding drama and adventure to your space with the flick of a switch.

contempo arabesque shades of light
Shades of Light

Contempo Shades of Light Chandelier

A modern twist on the graphic lines of Moroccan design, this chandelier will bridge the gap between ancient and contemporary style.


Jamali Gardens

Antiqued Votive Set in Aqua

I can’t get over how pretty these mercury glass pieces from Jamali Gardens are.  Use the turquoise votives scattered on the table and around the room….

Jamali Gardens

Matte Copper Glass Vases

… and fill the copper vases with the boldest blooms you can find.

Wall Art

Pottery Barn

Star Mirrors

Develop the theme of graphic, royal and celestial design by hanging a few sparkling star-shaped mirrors in your dining room.  Once you light the votives and have your lanterns shining, this space will be dazzling!

Pottery Barn

Decorative Metal Disk

I love this piece of wall art for its scale and intricate design.  It’s stunning on the wall, but could be just as dramatic atop a round table.


Saffron Marigold

Sultan’s Palace (c) Curtain Panel

If you have windows in your dining room that you’d like to dress, consider panels in Sultan’s Palace’s complementary pattern.  You’ll have the same palette, and strikingly bold border, but a softer, muted print at the window.

Saffron Marigold

Sultan’s Palace Café Curtain

We have a variety of curtain styles in Sultan’s Palace, including café curtains for those who’d like to be able to have a bit of privacy, and a bit of sunshine all at once.

If you like what you see, check out what else we have to offer within this collection.