Spice Up Your Home With Boho Decor

Spice Route

Dress a room in boho decor and you’ll create a space that speaks to the adventures of a life well-travelled. Evoking images of lively markets and Arabian nights, our Spice Route collection is ideal for designing such a space.…
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Saffron Marigold - Updated: 2020/09/28

A Happy Home: Orange Blossom in Every Room

Orange Blossom

A happy home is one filled with love–and a mix of sunshine and flowers just adds to the joy. Our Orange Blossom collection features prints that distills the very essence of lush gardens and warm weather. Inspired by Persian, Mediterranean, and tropical locales, you’ll love using this collection in a full-out orange room or for a touch of orange in a room.…
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Saffron Marigold - Updated: 2020/09/18

How To Make A Bed Beautiful Every Day: 11 Easy Steps

When you know how to make a bed look beautiful and maintain that habit every day, you can bring more peace into your life. A made bed literally creates order out of chaos: wrestling with fitted sheets, stuffing a duvet into its cover, and tossing and turning all night leave a bed worse for wear each morning.…
Saffron Marigold - Updated: 2020/09/15

A Vibrant Boho Living Room Filled With Fall Colors

A lively boho living room feels welcoming and cozy all year long, especially when dressed in fall colors. Between the changing leaves, the harvest bounty, and the early golden sunsets, the season dwells in rich colors and sensory experiences.  The season inspires some looks for a boho living room you’ll love long after the season passes.…
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Saffron Marigold - Updated: 2020/09/12

A Floral Pattern Of California Dreams & French Country Charm

Wild Poppies

This floral pattern, inspired by the California poppy, brings you to fields of abundant wildflowers. Also known as the copa de oro (cup of gold), these sweet Wild Poppies offer a rich spot of joy to any space. Bring the feeling of the Golden State into your French country home decor, or simply add our handcrafted linens to any room of your home to create an atmosphere of natural beauty.Find…
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Saffron Marigold - Updated: 2020/09/11