7 Pops of Color for your Bedroom

Saffron Marigold - Updated: August 6, 2014

How many of you have neutral bedrooms?  I do.  There is certainly something soothing and easy about this palette.  There’s also something safe (as in, “I’m not sure what else to do here…”).  Today, we’ll explore some simple ways to add a little color to our serene spaces – brightening, but not overwhelming them.  These colorful focal points work wonderfully in white rooms, because they can be easily switched out to create a completely different mood.  It’s simple, inexpensive and quick.  Sounds good to me!

add a pop of color to a white bedroom
photos: 1. Living with White, 2. Luxe Locations, 3. Marie Claire Maison, 4. Saffron Marigold

1.  Add bright throw pillows or Euro shams

Dance O Peacock Euro Sham

2.  Of course, add flowers…

home decor with colorful flowers
Ranunculus, Oh Joy Blogs

3.  Warm your toes with a cheery rug

colorful round rug
Menagerie Rug, Anthropologie

4.  Paint one piece of furniture in an unexpected color

adding color to bedroom
Kelly green desk, Centsational Girl

5.  Hang bold artwork

add color to neutral space
Design Portfolio, ABChao

6.  Brighten a wall with an accent color

home decor using color
Green Accent Wall, Houzz

7. Hang a bright, sheer curtain

bedroom color ideas
Paisley Fraiche Sheer Cotton Curtain, Saffron Marigold

Do you have any inclination to use a bit of color in a neutral space?  Let me know your design ideas!