5 Ways to Create a Global Look

Saffron Marigold - Updated: August 14, 2014

Travel.  Adventure.  An eye for the beauty.  These are the secrets to creating a vibrant global home.  It’s alright if some of the travel and adventure happens in your imagination…  Global design is the stuff of dreamers anyhow, isn’t it?  Today, I’ll give you 5 tips for creating a unique space in your home.  You can get started right away!

1.  Start with an Anchor Piece

This can be something you’ve fallen in love with on your travels, a special gift from a far away friend, or an inspiring textile you’ve discovered.  I have a friend from Turkey who just returned with the most amazing light fixture I’ve ever seen.  She can easily draw from it to design her entire living space.  The red lantern in this photo would certainly play muse for me – I’m already thinking of how I’d work with that rich cranberry color!

inspirational global home decor
Anchor your space around a special find, like this red lantern 

2.  Be Bold with Color

Rich natural dyes are often the underpinnings of ethnic fabrics – we use many vegetable dyes in our own Saffron Marigold linens, for instance.  These lend themselves to bold color, and inform how we can use color in our homes.  The room depicted below makes use of one hue, and plays with it in various depths and tones.  Since it’s a particularly unique look, I thought I’d share it with you.  Alternately, you can pile on the color, so that there are points of interest everywhere you turn!

choose a bold color
The yellow in this bedroom is stunning and welcoming 

3.  Layer Patterns and Textures

Layering pattern has to be the hallmark of global design.  “Matchy-matchy” need not apply!  The dark walls and opposing open walls create enough neutral space to just go wild within those walls.  And it works, doesn’t it?  You can read more about the principles of layering pattern in global decor here.

global decor ideas
Layer bold patterns and textures for warmth and interest

4.  Span the Globe

Here’s the wonderful thing about contemporary global design – ultimately, it’s a wonderful menagerie of pieces from anywhere and everywhere!  Does it work together in your mind’s eye?  Then it will likely work in real life! This room combines clean, modern, Scandinavian lines with busy, bold Indian textiles, and even unassuming traditional pieces play a role.  I like it.  What do you think?

scandinavian and indian design
Clean Scandinavian pieces accented with vibrant Indian linens 

5.  Shop Fair Trade

Finally, to truly tap into our sense of travel, adventure and beauty, we should shop fair trade as often as we can.  Just as we would be mindful and respectful of people if we were visiting their country, we can be mindful and respectful of then when we buy their handiwork.  This is near and dear to our hearts at Saffron Marigold, as we have a personal relationship with the artisans who own the studios where our textiles are hand printed.

fair trade global decor
All of our Saffron Marigold artisans are highly valued, and work under fair trade principals

Does your home reflect an all over global style, or do you enjoy highlighting a few pieces?  Tell us how you use global decor in your home!

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  1. I absolutely love the gold fabric behind the bed in #2! Where did you get that, where can I get that??

    • Hi Brooke!
      This room is inspiration that I found in Coco+Kelley, so I’m not familiar with that gorgeous fabric originated. It looks to me as if it probably a vintage piece. Very special indeed! Thanks for asking, and good luck with your quest.
      – Heidi

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