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Vanilla Glacé ~ White Gold Romantic Elegant Luxury Tablecloth

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Vanilla Glacé ~ White Gold Romantic Elegant Luxury Tablecloth

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An ethereal white on white ogee print, with pristine white snowflake like motifs elegantly ensconced within delicate strands of gold piping.
  • Beautiful one of a kind tablecloth, yet utilitarian.
  • Washes stains well (spot cleaning advised for repeated use) and offers an exotic canvas for many memorable meals.
  • Printed on preshrunk, superior grade, soft cotton and finished with neat double stitched hems.
  • Hand printed using intricately carved wooden blocks.
Take these ingredients: sweetness, elegance, simplicity and glamour; mix them up just right, and you’ll have our gorgeous white-on-white Vanilla Glacé tablecloth. Wonderfully unique and exotic, this sugar-white cotton tablecloth ... [ read more ]

Delivery Time: In stock items are shipped within 2-3 days of order placement.

Wash & Care: The use of an overlaid gold paste in this print requires that it be dry cleaned only
Inspiration for Vanilla Glacé:
Dreams spun in white and gold... tendrils of warm, golden amber smoke rise sensuously to embrace filigreed snowflake like motifs. Vanilla Glacé has a character that is luminous and ethereal and is yet seductively intoxicating. The print orchestrates a delicate contrast ... [ read more ]
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Toni, Aurora, OH
January 2018

Once again, stunning tablecloths and impeccable packaging. Thank you so much!

Anthony, Montauk, NY
December 2017

It is beautiful, and I am happy to continue supporting your small business!

Elsa, Bellingham, WA
June 2017

WOW!! it arrived so quickly and is soooo beautiful! Thank you, folks at Saffron Marrigold!

David, Newbury, NH
January 2017

Fed Ex just delivered the tablecloths. Beautiful. Will send a picture when the tables are all set for New Year's. Thanks for expediting the order. Gratefully, Mary
These are the pictures of our New Year's decorations with your tablecloths. They were beautiful and arrived in time for the party. Thank you, Mary

Suzanne, Naples, FL
Posted 2+ years ago

I am a very satisfied customer of Saffron Marigold and have posted more than one positive review. I bought a kingsize bedspread from you several years ago. It is stunningly beautiful, and what's more it has been a delight to keep clean - just toss it into the washing machine on "warm, permanent press", then toss it into the dryer - and it comes out not only clean but completely free of wrinkles, ready to go back on the bed with no ironing or fussing. That's why I recently ordered a table runner in the same pattern to cover my desk in the same bedroom. And why I bought a long tablecloth in white and good for the dining room. Gorgeous and practical.

Anneli, Kelmscott, Western Australia, Australia
Posted 2+ years ago

All the linen looked exactly the way it did online. The Vanilla Glace napkins do look slightly different, the white pattern is less noticeable against the background than it appeared on the photo (I guess due to difference in lighting when the photo was taken). Some of the Kilim Noir napkins have miss aligned and ink-flow flaws in the hand printed pattern, I do however recognise it is hand-made and not every square inch can always be exact, I do love it anyways! I appreciate the time and care you have taken with my order, I am also looking forward to receiving the backordered table cloths that are on their way, hopefully I'll receive these soon.

Anneli, Kelmscott, Western Australia, Australia
Posted 2+ years ago

I have received the beautiful table linen. It is gorgeous and I can't wait for Christmas to adorn and decorate the table with the beautiful linen!

Caroline, Philomath, OR
Posted 2+ years ago

The MOST BEAUTIFUL tablecloth and napkins were delivered . I love the Vanilla Glace linens and can't wait to use them for our holiday celebrations. Thanks so much for providing such lovely products.

Toni, Aurora, OH
Posted 2+ years ago

My linens quickly and well packaged. This tablecloth is very, very elegant! I am delighted.

Jill, Lawrence, KS
Posted 2+ years ago

The tablecloth arrived promptly, which I appreciate, and so nicely packaged. Along with one of the same pattern I ordered a while back, I am using the fabric to make curtains. For my purposes the heavier fabric is better than the airy version. Thank you.

Brigit, Chicago, IL
Posted 2+ years ago

The linen was delivered last week. It's beautiful! I am very happy with the product.
Here are some photos of vanilla glace in my dining room. I loved the look of the gold and white against my dining room's pink walls! It adds elegance and a regal feel.

Pamela, Northport, NY
Posted 2+ years ago

Tablecloth received. It's absolutely beautiful! Thanks

Angela, Chandler, AZ
Posted 2+ years ago

Our order arrived safely last week and it looks wonderful! Thank you very much for creating such beautiful linens, and for making delivery so easy and quick!

Judith, Bronx, NY
Posted 2+ years ago

Yes, they arrived, and they are beautiful.

Benula, British Columbia, Canada
Posted 2+ years ago

Yes I have received my package and I am delighted. They are beautiful no doubt about! I am using them with pride! Thank you

Adele, San Francisco, CA
Posted 2+ years ago

Just laid out the linens on the tables and they look beautiful!

Anne, Chevy Chase, MD
Posted 2+ years ago

Yes it arrived and I like it very much. It smelled a bit odd, so I disregarded the Dry Clean Only and washed it with Woolite in the washer and dried it in the dryer on low. It seems totally fine and ready to use! Best

Karen, Saratoga, CA
Posted 2+ years ago

Yes, I received it and it is exactly as pictured. I love it!

Christina, Danbury, CT
Posted 2+ years ago

My package arrived & the tablecloth and napkins are gorgeous. I can't wait for thanksgiving to use them! Thank you for such special products!

Jill, Lawrence, KS
Posted 2+ years ago

I received the items and think the fabric pattern is beautiful. Thank you for such attentive service.