Saffron Marigold
Spice Route ~ Red Orange Moroccan Indian Fabric Swatch
Spice Route ~ Red Orange Moroccan Indian Fabric Swatch

Inspiration for Spice Route:
Spice route is evocative of camel trails in the desert, of the clamor of spice markets, exotic souks where spices are displayed in colorful mounds and of the opulent scent of incense hanging in the warm evening air. ... [ read more ]

Spice Route ~ Red Orange Moroccan Indian Fabric Swatch

A spicy floral filigree of cinnamon, turmeric and imperial blue contained within baroque, lozenge like motifs that are vertically patterned on a rich red orange ground.
  • Every effort is made to print our swatches to be as close a representation of the final product as possible. However, please be aware, exact matches are not possible to guarantee due to the nature of this craft form. If you are very particular about the colors, then it's best to buy the actual product.
  • All swatches are at least 10 inches square in size.
  • Swatches are offered at highly discounted prices. All sales are final - no returns or exchanges
  • We offer free shipping for orders below $10. So you can buy up to 3 swatches with free shipping.

Types of Fabric:
- Cotton
- Voile: Please select Voile for Curtain Panels

Each piece is handcrafted using intricately hand carved wooden blocks and is an original work of art distinguished by the work of the artisan, the particular lot of dye, and even varying weather conditions. Tonal variations are inherent to the block printing process and enhance the individuality, character and uniqueness of each creation.

Sold Individually

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Delivery Time: In stock items are shipped within 2-3 days of order placement
Wash & Care:
Machine wash separately in cold water with a gentle detergent. Do not use bleach or a detergent with bleach additives. Tumble Dry warm. Iron using cotton settings.

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Maria from New York, NY
Hi as I promise I am sending you the pictures of the Hacienda we used your beautiful coleccion, we will like to do real business with you and need and the samples of all the collections...please let me know what you think thank you again, Maria

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Cristine from Silverthorne, CO
Yes, thank you, I have received my order. I love my new pillow covers, they are beautiful! I now have 6 and they make the room. Thank you for your follow up.

Thank you for the opportunity to post these pictures on your 'testimonials" page. This is my area of the house where I meditate, practice yoga, work out, and simply find peace. Now that I have these beautiful cushion covers I have color, design, and fluffy pillows that I can sit on. I admire the craftsmanship and color every day. as your web site says "Like comfort food there is something soul satisfying about walking into a room filled with an assortment of colorful plump stuffed throw pillows and cushions." Thank you for producing fine quality merchandise and for providing such excellent customer service.

P.S. I am so excited to pick out yet another cushion cover! I think that I would like to add The Morning Dew 17"X17" pillow cover to my collection. It is such a hard choice that I think I may end up owning them all at some point. :-)

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Lesley from Oakland Gardens, NY
Your products are stunning! I wish I could have them all. I have three other sets so far (Spice Route, Kilim Noir, and Midnight Lotus) and they are not only beautiful, each equally, but they are extremely durable, and even wash well. I have four very active young male cats with, what, eighty claws among them, and not once have these duvets/shams been snagged by these cats who are perpetually playing, wrestling, and tearing about on the covers. I have received the items, and they are beautiful! Thank you very much. I am very satisfied and would recommend your linens to anyone.
Julia from Englewood, FL
Indeed your package arrived safely and I opened it with much happiness, enjoying, as ever, the beautiful presentation! The curtain is beautiful and absolutely perfect in our little bathroom--it's done much to brighten it up. The peacock bedspread is magical--actually, it succeeded beyond my wildest dreams because I was putting it in a guest room that has some difficult colors and material to work with. Presto! The room now looks as if I carefully designed it for the bedspread. The window already had your beautiful sheer tulip panels filtering the light thought it. There are some finishing touches yet to be made, but I'll attach a photography so that you can appreciate the magic you've brought to the room.

The pillow covers are also brilliant in a completely different room where I had the challenge of a brightly-colored Persian carpet to accent, and as for the tablecloth, I'll take a photo of that too, outside in the pool area. Wonderful! Heavens, I think I'll send you photos of all the rooms and spaces graced by Saffron Marigold fabric. They never overwhelm, they are all so different that they give each room its own unique note and elegance, and the loving care that went into the making of every inch of linen really does show. Please feel free to use any of the photographs if they would be useful to you.

Thank you so much. Your personal touch is appreciated, not only in your products, but also in your communication and follow-up. I feel like a member of the family! With Warm Regards, Julia
Lisa from Santa Barbara, CA
I received my beautiful linens a few days ago. They are truly works of art. Thank you, Lisa
Pat. from Kansas City, MO
So glad you received the photos. I got an email back saying they could not go through, so I thought I would have to print them up and mail you hard copies. The lighting required turning on all the lights and waiting for a sunny day. The cabin is surrounded by 5 1/2 acres of trees, so it is actually very dark in the cabin. The Spice curtains is actually my "laundry room". I think I missed sending all the photos so I have attached some more photos. It has been fun decorating this place. I never had a cabin before and refused to decorate with the traditional country look, its not my style. So I was very happy to find your website. Thanks again, Pat
Pat from Kansas City, MO
-So glad you received the photos. I got an email back saying they could not go through, so I thought I would have to print them up and mail you hard copies. The lighting required turning on all the lights and waiting for a sunny day. The cabin is surrounded by 5 1/2 acres of trees, so it is actually very dark in the cabin. The Spice curtains is actually my "laundry room". I think I missed sending all the photos so I have attached some more photos. It has been fun decorating this place. I never had a cabin before and refused to decorate with the traditional country look, its not my style. So I was very happy to find your website. Thanks again, Pat.
Keri from Charlotte, NC
Hello there they arrived yesterday.  Love them!!!  I love the table cloth---I put it on right away and the curtains are for my daughter's room.  I might look into getting a shower curtain in the near future.  I will take a picture of my daughter's room and the dining room and email it to you.  Your stuff is beautiful and I love that it is fair trade too.

I also have some curtains in my kitchen that I purchased a few months ago and I get many compliments on them.  The only thing is I wish the curtains did not have the loops at the top.  I don't use those because they make it difficult to slide the curtains back and forth.  I use satin nickel rings clips, so I just fold the loops down and clip the rings to the actual curtain; you can't even see the loops.  I will send you a pic so you can see what I am talking about. Thanks so much, I love your products!

Here are some pics of my curtains and table cover.  I want a shower curtain now....with reds, purples, tans, burnt oranges.  Is there any chance you will be coming out with some new patterns/colors? ~Keri
Teresa from New York, NY
Dear Archana, This order is in addition to the replacement "Memories of Shalimar" tablecloth (120X70) which you'd hoped to get out today (thanks so much for the great service and the replacement tablecloth).

I've attached some photos from just after my husband's 55th birthday party. It was a very casual party and the tablecloths made it beautiful. Thanks again for getting them to me in time with late notice, and for holding my hand through the whole order process! Sincerely, Teresa

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Elissa from Belmont,MA
I am happy to share some pictures - hope you can use them. They are not very professional and for some reason my cats wouldn't get out of the pictures. I am attaching 2 of each tablecloth. I chose the Spice Route rectangular tablecloth because the red hue and border went beautifully in our dining room that has wood floors and neutral walls. We also have a wall hanging nearby with a maroon color so they tied in well together. The darker color tends to hide stains well - which any loved tablecloth will eventually get! I chose the Green Gold Asian Indian Round Tablecloth for our kitchen tablecloth. We have green chairs and a large Indian painting near the kitchen table with a lot of green in it. Again, we plan to use this in our regular rotation and the color and pattern looked like they will not show stains easily or even the regular crumbs in between washings. I tend to leave one on for 5 days or so - until someone spills milk or maple syrup! Thank you for your offer of a gift. I would love a cushion cover - 17 X 17 the same pattern as the round tablecloth I bought - memories of shalimar. Thank you!
Ayse from Woodland Hills, CA
Hi Monisha, Please find attached a picture of my beautiful bedding on my bed. I found a tri-folding room divider to use as my headboard. The hand carved mango-wood screen complements the vibrant handprints of the bedding. I am extremely happy with my purchase :) Thank you, Ayse
Emily from Vienna, VA
I apologize for such an incredibly late response in confirming the delivery of my order! I did in fact receive it in a very timely matter and am very pleased with the quality stamping on the linen and the rich color saturation. I am actually using the table cloth as a shower curtain. Regular sized shower curtains were not long enough, as I prefer to hang my shower curtains high (close to the ceiling), but still have them skim the floor. The boarder is on all 4 sides, unlike your actual shower curtains, but i like the look. Maybe you would consider offering shower curtains at a longer length? The only issue I have had is that one side edge is not exactly evenly cut. As it hangs from drapery rings that clip to the fabric, one side doesn't lay quite right. However, I was able to weight that corner slightly on the back side with a small fishing weight sewn in. That pretty much solved the issue. I expected some uniqueness/slight imperfections that give character with the linen because it is hand made, not from a factory machine! Thanks, Emily

I am happy to have most of it finished now. The linen from Saffron Marigold was the inspiration & definitely the showcase in the room. I hope the pictures help you in marketing the amazing products you offer. The quality is definitely better than anything I've seen in stores. Knowing it is handmade with such great attention to detail makes it all the more special & unique. As for your gift of a complimentary item, I would love a spice route pillow cushion cover to add to the room. It would be lovely in a side chair! Thank you so much, Emily
Laura from Pittsburgh, PA
Dear Monisha (and all), The curtains arrived quickly and are exactly what I wanted. It's been a joy doing buissness with you. best wishes, Laura

I still don't have all of my furniture moved in, but I've taken a few photos now and may send more when things are arranged fully. My testimonial is below. I don't know whether or not this is worth a cushion cover, but if so I'd love one in 'waltz of the vines'. As a recent graduate of a PhD program I’m long on taste and short on cash. I just moved in to a lovely old apartment with poorly maintained windows. Curtains from Saffron Marigold have provided an excellent way to dress things up, add some color, and hide the building’s flaws. The lightweight cotton voile material allows light through while maintaining privacy. It has the style and quality of boutique material (the same kind that costs three times as much from Fab India, Etsy, Anthropologie, etc.) at a far more reasonable price. best wishes, Laura
Mia from Luling, LA
The bedspreads I ordered are really wonderful. I am pleased with the workmanship and will be back to order more items in the future. I am so happy to have found your website. The customer service is really wonderful. Thanks again,
Lindsay from Sahuarita, AZ
I received the linens and they are gorgeous. as usual in person they look even better than online! I have put up two of the linens and hope to do the second two this weekend. :)
Kamini from Seattle, WA
I love it. I am torn between using it as a tablecloth, a bedspread for a daybed, or laying it across my king size bed....! It is deeper and richer in color than I thought, but that does not matter cos everything in my house os shades of red and orange. I will send pictures shortly. Thanks a lot, Kamini
Mary from Hauppauge, NY
I'm not too swift with the picture-taking, but here are some snapshots I took yesterday and earlier today of our Saffron Marigold rooms. They are still works-in-progress, as the bedrooms will be repainted this fall or early spring, depending on the painter's schedule and the weather. 😥 I've sent several pix of the den, because the sofa has four throw pillows - two ready-made by Saffron Marigold, that are 18x18, and two were made from swatches and are about 16 x 15. You can see that the swatches are very useful for making odd-sized, smaller throw pillows, though of course, they are nowhere near as lovely and professional as SM's! In the bedroom, my husband and I each sleep on odd-sized, odd-shaped pillows - one is kidney-shaped-- so, frankly, the traditional way of placing a bedspread or of encasing pillows into a sham do not work for these pillows. (They look quite awful in a sham, frankly.) So, I decided to use a table runner to cover the sleeping pillows, then top them with swatch-made 14x14 and 15x15 throw pillows, along with the newest pillow cover, Nizam Pearls. The bedroom has a small chair (a former dining chair, chippendale-style), which I will have a slipcover made from more swatches. Once the room is repainted, it will look more "together". Overall, I am very pleased with my purchases from SM. I hope these photos give you a better idea how I am using your linens in my home.
Kimberly from Reston, VA
Dear Saffron Marigold, I love these gorgeous linens. I hope I will find other places in my house to order more! Thank you! Kim
Cameron from Beverly, MA
My bathroom is tiny and painted in 3 odd colors which I love but finally, after 3 tries found your beautiful fabric shower curtain. Your customer service is excellent and the quality is great.
Marilyn from Mill Valley, CA
The duvet cover is fabulous! And the handmade paper envelope with info was a nice touch. It's truly a quality piece that my daughter will enjoy throughout her college years and beyond - quite a keepsake. And here are some pictures of my daughter's dorm room in Colorado with her new Saffron Marigold duvet cover. It really makes the room special and helps create a cozy "girl cave" under the lofted bed with the party lights. She also likes having two different patterns. Thanks for your wonderful selection of products to choose from!.
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