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Mosaique Bleue ~ Moroccan Tile Print Blue Tablecloth

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Mosaique Bleue ~ Moroccan Tile Print Blue Tablecloth

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An intricate Moroccan tile print, consisting of cyan blue star burst motifs, set in pieces of chocolate tile, with accents of french blue, peacock green and apricot.
  • Beautiful one of a kind tablecloth, yet utilitarian.
  • Camouflages stains well and offers an exotic canvas for many memorable meals.
  • Printed on preshrunk, superior grade, soft cotton and finished with neat double stitched hems.
  • Hand printed using intricately carved wooden blocks.
Smooth the soft cotton of this artisan made cloth across your table, and you’ll find yourself dreaming of all the glamour of Morocco. Dinner atop this brilliant beauty will be a truly exotic affair when you ... [ read more ]

Delivery Time: In stock items are shipped within 2-3 days of order placement.

Wash & Care: Machine wash separately in cold water with a gentle detergent. Do not use bleach or a detergent with bleach additives. Tumble Dry warm. Iron using cotton settings.
Inspiration for Mosaique Bleue
The Mosaique Bleue collection is inspired by Moroccan 'Zellige': exquisite terracotta tile work that has an ancient tradition of craftsmanship. Zellige, in existence since the 10th century, requires exceptional skill, that has been distilled through generations, to create ... [ read more ]
Victoria, New York, NY
February 2018

They arrived and they are both beautiful!

Melinda, Fort Wayne, IN
November 2017

The package has arrived and I'm eagerly awaiting Christmas to give the items as gifts. Thanks so much!

Fiona, Daly City, CA
August 2017

Thanks for your email. I confirm that I have received the table cloth and all is in order. So far, I am loving the table cloth. It really warms up and brightens my dining room. I also love the literature that you sent regarding the painstaking work that went into the making of the table cloth. I appreciate the detail and the hard work! So this is a keeper for me.

Corrine, Princeton, NJ
July 2017

We love it. thanks.

Donna, Northport, NY
May 2017

Yes, I got the order and everything looks wonderful!! Thank you so much.

Nancy, Syracuse, NY
November 2016

I did receive my new tablecloth in a very timely manner. I love it! The workmanship is outstanding and the colors are gorgeous. Thank-you for making such a fine product. I will think of you in the future for wedding gifts... More than satisfied customer, PS I liked the insert on how this product was made. Very interesting and informative.

Jumana, San Francisco, CA
September 2016

Yes, I did receive the package. Thanks for your follow up. The table covers are beautiful. I have decided to keep the Mosaique one. I need to return the orange blossom one as it didn't work with the decor. By the way all the swatches and the mosaique tile cover matched pretty closely the pictures on the web page. But the orange blossom one was different. It looked much brighter in the picture, especially the white background. Just some feedback. Thanks for offering a beautiful product.

Louise, Kelowna, BC Canada
July 2016

Thank you for your follow-up letter. We did indeed receive the beautiful tablecloths and have attached a couple of photo's from our diningroom where we host our bed and breakfast guests. I have received compliments on the tablecloths.

Judith, Beaumont, TX
July 2016

It was delivered yesterday and is beautiful!

Rhonda, Riverside, CA
May 2016

Thank you SO much! The order was delivered and we love them!

Rebecca, San Francisco, CA
Posted 2+ years ago

Receive the order. As usual, I am very happy with your linens.

Amber, Austin, TX
Posted 2+ years ago

I received the linens. The table cloth looks great! The runner is a gift, and I know she will love it.

Paulette, Duluth, MN
Posted 2+ years ago

Once again I'm thrilled with my last purchase of the Paisley Au Lait Table Runner :) It is beautiful and looks so very nice on my dinning table which my husband made. He suggested that I get a black and white table runner and I knew exactly whom I would purchase the table runner from. Your linens are awesome ! I also will be giving the gift of a Mosaique Bleue Table Cloth to our friends ,which I purchased on the same order. Thank You so much for such lovely high quality linens. Here is a picture of the Paisley Au Lait Table runner on our table. Paulette

Rae, Scottsdale, AZ
Posted 2+ years ago

I received the tablecloths. So perfectly packed: like a gift. Nice details: Saffron sticker on the box, hand made paper envelope containing the bill, a card with the story of wood block printing. And the tablecloths! They are a gift for my daughter. She has been using my tablecloths ( also from Saffron ) and it is time for her to enjoy her own.

Lisa, Chesapeake, VA
Posted 2+ years ago

Wonderful! Thank you!

Vicki, Dallas, TX
Posted 2+ years ago

I love your beautiful products and the packaging and card was elegant. I will definitely be ordering more!

Paulette, Duluth, MN
Posted 2+ years ago

I received the beautiful Mosaique Bleue Tablecloth . It is just perfect for my dining area,it looks lovely! I can't wait to have our Moroccan dinner this Christmas with our friends who went to Morocco with us. Our table will look so spectacular with this gorgeous tablecloth and a pretty setting of delicious Moroccan food . I will be ordering the same tablecloth for them as a gift . I so enjoy your high quality items,the material is awesome and all of your prints are so very pretty. Thank you also for picking me as one of the three in your contest, it was a very nice surprise and much appreciated ! I will be ordering soon for our friends and myself. Again Thank You so very much !