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Shimmering Goldstone ~ Orange Gold Sari India Curtain Panel

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Shimmering Goldstone ~ Orange Gold Sari India Curtain Panel

The Shimmering Goldstone, in rusty spice hued orange, is one of the seven jewel toned hues in the sari inspired Dreams of India collection. Goldstone is man made and symbolizes human ingenuity in the search for wealth and beauty. The delicate gold orbs in the print are just as alluring as the shimmery gold flecks in true goldstone.
  • Printed on cotton voile a soft, light, gossamer cotton weave, with wonderful light filtering properties Also provides much needed privacy
  • Panel length includes 5, 4-inch tabs on top for easy hanging. Comes with a color-matched tieback
  • Tab tops can interchangeably be used as rod pockets by threading the curtain rod through the pocket at the top of the curtains. Note: by doing so you lose 4 inches in length (tab length)
  • Hand printed using intricately carved wooden blocks
These unique decorative rusty, spice hued, burnt orange gold tab top cotton voile sheer curtain panels are the perfect accent for a stylish yet relaxed living room, ... [ read more ]

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Delivery Time: In stock items are shipped within 2-3 days of order placement
Wash & Care:
The use of an overlaid gold paste in this print requires that it be dry cleaned only
Inspiration for Dreams of India:
The Dreams of India collection is inspired by the timeless, ubiquitous, sari that holds within its bountiful folds the traditions, secrets and mysteries of the art of female adornment. Using hand block printing with gold paste overlay, we have ... [ read more ]

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By Joy from Portland, OR in June 2017

The curtains arrived today! They look so beautiful and now I am shaded from this hot sun we are having lately in Portland! Thank you for the prompt service and shipping, and extra matching for the shimmering gold curtains. I had painted the trim and was without curtains and although it is not as hot here as it is in other parts of the world, it was definitely hot!! So the promptness is very much appreciated! My house is now resplendent with color and design and I am so grateful. Thank you!!

By Annick from Westwego, LA in June 2017

We have received the curtains and absolutely love them. Thank you so much. You have been a pleasure to work with.

By Beth from Longmont, CO in June 2017

We got it--love them, they look amazing! I always enjoy your curtains, we have many of them. Thank you!

By Eanne from Boiceville, NY in January 2017

I did receive the wonderful textiles.. and I adore them! I hung them up straight away and they look beautiful! I only wish I had more windows to dress! Thank you for making such quality, artistic, beautiful products. I tell everyone who asks that I purchased my curtains from you and I do hope that this generates customers for you.

By Barbara from Bloomington, IN in January 2017

My first order arrived and now I'm awaiting a second order. The curtains are beautiful.

By Meera from Kirkland, WA in September 2016

Yes I received the package and absolutely love the curtains. Keep up the awesome work...

By Lloyd from Santa Fe, NM in August 2016

Yes, the beautiful curtains arrived. Thank you for asking. Your service, and your gorgeous products, are awesome!

By Penelope from Boston, MA in April 2016

Gorgeous curtains. Thrilled

By Marylou from New York City, NY posted 2+ years ago

It's beautiful!

By Shannon from Chicago, IL posted 2+ years ago

I did receive and they are beautiful,

By Mary from DeKalb, IL posted 2+ years ago

I am really pleased with the quality. The colors worked wonderfully where I used the curtains. I have your site bookmarked and am so glad that I came across it.

By Kristi from Roanoke, VA posted 2+ years ago

Yes, I did receive my curtains and I plan to order more. :)

By Alicia from Union Bridge, MD posted 2+ years ago

Got the linens. Simply stunning. Only a couple rooms left in the house that need your art. Will be purchasing soon.

By Janet from Hastings on Hudson posted 2+ years ago

Hi! thank you very much! the curtains are hanging in my dining room. there are perfect! Sophisticated and warm.

By Lauren from Baltimore, MD posted 2+ years ago

We recieved package. i love the shimmering gold curtain.

By Sarah from St. Augustine, FL posted 2+ years ago

I received the curtains and I love them. The fabric has such a lovely texture! Thanks you!

By Bethany from Columbus, OH posted 2+ years ago

I received the three curtains and they're very nice. Thanks.

By Pam from Baltimore, MD posted 2+ years ago

Thank you so much. I just hung the curtains and they are perfect! I will be back soon to place another order. Best regards,

By Lloyd Carter from Santa Fe, NM posted 2+ years ago

I picked the package up yesterday. All was in perfect condition and the new prints are beautiful! Will send photos later. Thanks for such excellent service and attention to detail.

By Christina from Flushing, NY posted 2+ years ago

I have received the package and am pleased so far. I plan to order another panel

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