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Lavender Dreams ~ French Cottage Floral White Curtain

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Lavender Dreams ~ French Cottage Floral White Curtain

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Graceful Lavender motifs in lilac, amethyst and deep green, set against a creamy white ground.
  • Printed on cotton voile – a soft, light, gossamer cotton weave, with wonderful light filtering properties Also provides much needed privacy
  • Tab top panel length includes 5, 4-inch tabs. Rod pocket panels have a 3 inch rod pocket. All come with a color-matched tieback
  • Tab tops can interchangeably be used as rod pockets by threading the curtain rod through the pocket at the top of the curtains. Note: by doing so you lose 4 inches in length (tab length)
  • Hand printed using intricately carved wooden blocks
Evoking French lavender fields as they meet the Mediterranean sun, our Lavender Dreams ... [ read more ]

Delivery Time: In stock items are shipped within 2-3 days of order placement.

Wash & Care: Machine wash separately in cold water with a gentle detergent. Do not use bleach or a detergent with bleach additives. Tumble Dry warm. Iron using cotton settings.
Inspiration for Lavender Dreams:
The heart of every perfect summer is captured in the sweet fragrance of the most nostalgic of all flowers, lavender. ... [ read more ]
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Tara, Rogue River, OR
January 2018

Yes! I've received my full order. They're all beautiful! Thank you.

Kathy, Portsmouth, VA
May 2017

Yes, I received your package yesterday. Can't wait for the room to be painted and furniture placed. Will send a picture!

Rohan, Revere, MA
April 2017

Thank you for personal message via the delivery, yes we received it and I absolutely loved the light material of the linens and the prints are very beautiful. Thank you again.
Thank you for the lavender dream curtains and paisley throw pillow covers, I loved the quality and prints of Saffron Marigold products as well as the prompt delivery on time.

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Donna, Palmer, MA
April 2017

Received. Thank you! Perfect in every way!

Shari, New Orleans, LA
March 2017

I received the curtains and I love them, with the exception of the colors being a bit different from what is shown online. But, I can live with that. I appreciate your lovely fabrics, prompt service and great attention to detail.

Naomi, Tully, NY
December 2016

Received my package...absolutely gorgeous! We live in snowy Upstate New York and it was such a treat to receive these beauties during yet another blizzard.

Deborah, North Fort Myers, FL
Posted 2+ years ago

I did receive the curtains As always beautiful.Im sure all my emails about what I wanted was confusing but you did splendidly. Thank you very much

Brandi, Dunlap, IL
Posted 2+ years ago

I did receive the beautiful curtains and I just love them! They are as delicate and unique as I had hoped. When I get to my computer today I will review Saffron Marigold on Amazon. It was a great experience dealing with your company, from ordering to delivery. I will make sure everyone knows.

Alice, Oakland, CA
Posted 2+ years ago

Curtains were received and are lovely.

Julie, Goleta, CA
Posted 2+ years ago

I received the (8) panels of the Lavender Dreams sheer curtains and I love them! Thank you! I cannot wait to hang them on the iron bed that I am hoping to receive in the next few months. I plan to frequent your website often.

Clarice, Douglasville, GA
Posted 2+ years ago

Order received. Look beautiful but not hung yet.

Hadar, Cresskill, NJ
Posted 2+ years ago

I got the curtains, it's already up, and look beautiful . Thank you! Best,

Jeannette, Alexandria, VA
Posted 2+ years ago

Yes , I received the panel and love it. I'm thinking of ordering another. Thank you.

Kathleen, Ada, MI
Posted 2+ years ago

Dear S.F., I received by order yesterday and I have to say that I'm BLOWN away. I've been searching for over a year for a lavender-print bed and bath ensemble that was sophisticated rather than a fussy floral, and I finally found it!!! The colors are beautiful and as it turns out, the lighter shade of purple is an exact match for the accent wall in the bathroom and the cream-tone is 2 shades darker, but also an exact "family" match. Since I am the mother of 8 cats, who think the bed is theirs, the white bedspread won't work. Instead, I'm going to paint my own fabric in a stripe to match and use one of the bedspreads to make a tailored bed skirt and some other accessories. It might be a couple of months, but I'll send you some photos when I'm done. Thank you for the beautiful, high-quality items, can't wait to put them to good use!

Martha, Des Moines, IA
Posted 2+ years ago

I did receive the delivery. I am very happy with the Lavender Dreams pattern. I haven't had a chance to open all the packages yet. I am using the linens in a guest bedroom. Now I have to find the right paint color for the room. Thanks for checking with me.

Maureen, Enola, PA
Posted 2+ years ago

I did receive the curtains the last week and they are GORGEOUS! I just love them. They're so unique and one-of-a-kind; I can see that they were made with great love and pride. Your beautiful curtains have the charm and personal touch of handmade, presented with excellence and professionalism in quality. I was also delighted with the personal touches in your packaging. The handmade paper envelope that carried your invoice, the gold seal on the box, and even the box itself further demonstrated your ability to combine quality and professionalism with a personal touch. Thank you for offering such a unique and special product! I am honored to have your curtains displayed in our home. I'll be sure to provide feedback for you on Amazon's site, and I'll write a positive review as well. (I'll do the seller feedback today for sure, and I'll make a point to write the review sometime this week). I appreciate your email, as well as your wonderful service and beautiful curtains!

Terry, Louisville, KY
Posted 2+ years ago

Thank you for your excellent personalized service! The fabric design was beautiful, and I enjoyed reading about the artistic process. And, as I said, the parchment/paper of the envelope - beautiful! Even your policies are so nicely written. I appreciate details like that.

Shelly, British Columbia, Canada
Posted 2+ years ago

Hi there, sorry for the late reply. Have been re decorating my living room with my lovely lavender dream curtains. I LOVE THEM!! They are beautiful and I love that they are hand printed! They look amazing and they prompted me to sew new white slip covers for my couch and chair. It is a beautiful relaxing space now. You have great customer service and I am happy I found you! I will be telling others about you and ordering from you again in the future! One question..... will the colors fade in the sun? I am worried that I may need to line them or get a blind behind them for when the sun is coming right into that window. Cheers, Your new happy customer, Shelly

About your question regarding fading. We use natural dyes for the colors in our prints and harsh sunlight would make the colors fade. We would recommend getting blind or cellular shades that can be drawn against the afternoon sun.

Vanessa, Menasha, WI
Posted 2+ years ago

Hi Monisha, The curtains have arrived safely, I have been ill so have not had a chance yet to really appreciate them. Before we can use them, I need to have a seamstress take the tabs off (I have clips that we'll be using instead, that match the rods in the two rooms).
If I had been more clever, I should've asked you if i could have bought the curtains without the tabs, but I didn't and it will not be difficult to remove them. I prefer using clips so the curtains will move more freely.
I look forward to using the curtains but it will be at least a week before we get them over to a seamstress to be "fixed", then put up...thank you very much ~ Vanessa

Jeanne, Aust. Cap Territory, Austraila
Posted 2+ years ago

Dear Monisha,The lovely curtains and placemates and napkins arrived yesterday which was perfect - the day before Thanksgiving! That is the reason I did not reply immediately as I was doing battle with a huge turkey. They look terrific! Thank you so much! Jeanne