Saffron Marigold

Luxury Indian Bedding and Linens

So glad you stopped by...welcome to our cozy boutique, home to the most exquisite collection of exotic, unique, designer handcrafted, Indian Bedding and Linens online.

Handcrafted, Luxury, Designer Indian Bedding and Linens:

Firstly, each one of Saffron Marigold’s Bedding and Linens is handcrafted using the traditional technique of Indian hand block printing.

Unique, Designer Bedding and Linens:

Secondly, all our products have been exclusively designed for Saffron Marigold, so when we state that our Indian Bedding and Linens are "designer" we truly mean it. We believe that each design must stretch beyond being simply aesthetically appealing. Every Saffron Marigold Bedding and Linen must evoke a special feeling, mood, or thought; it must magically transport you to a distant place and time.

Exclusive, Exotic, Indian Bedding and Linens:

Thirdly, we are a small boutique store that exclusively designs and manufactures our range of India print inspired Bedding and Linens. We aren't a mass merchandiser, so when you buy a Saffron Marigold linen you are buying a product that is exclusive, one hundred percent handmade, with a distinctive designer look that you will not find in every other home in the neighborhood.

Online store with a Luxury Boutique ambiance:

Fourthly, we have even tried to distinguish the visual environment of our online store from the rest of the cookie cutter type online stores, by putting tremendous thought and effort into creating an online store with a special atmosphere and mood... a place where our customers would love to hang out, browse and shop.

Versatile designs that fit a wide range of Home Decor styles:

Finally our exotic, luxury Indian Bedding and Linens have a multifaceted look. We believe that one of the most important aspects of our uniqueness is the versatile application of our Indian Bedding and Linens to a wide range of decor styles. Most online Indian Bedding and Linen stores tend to pigeonhole their designs to fit a particular look. We on the other hand, design our products so that they embrace a broad range of home decor styles ranging from: Exotic Indian Bohemian decor, Tropical decor, Rustic Cabin decor, Modern Contemporary decor, Asian Oriental decor, Moroccan decor.

When you purchase these luxurious Bedding and Linens, you now own hand crafted Linen that miraculously encapsulate the past, the present and the future. Our range of exotic Indian Bedding and Linens, echo the artistic tradition that found favor in the imperial Mughal courts of yore. Every stamp and every block is testament to the present day skill and labor that create these incredible Bedding and Linens. Your patronage also safeguards the future of this ebbing traditional handicraft.

So go ahead and be different. In this world of endless mass-produced monotony, use Saffron Marigold's range of unique, designer Indian Bedding and Linens to expand your design vocabulary and find your unique expression, be it Tropical, Rustic Cabin, Modern Contemporary, Asian Oriental, Moroccan, Exotic Bohemian or Indian decor.