Table Runners for Round Tables

We have lots of customer questions about using our hand printed table runners on round tables.  We think this creates a great look, and the questions deserve some attention! Using a runner on a round table is a fresh way to add color and texture to your dining space.  The versatility of a runner allows you to create a tie in with either the dominant color theme of your space, or to bring in an accent color.

Round tables are also common at formal events, and a unique table runner across traditional white linens is a great way to add a touch of the exotic.

Table Runner Inspiration…

table runners for round tables
A super fresh look with a colorful table runner! photo – Involving Color

This eye-catching Do it Yourself table runner from Involving Color is a perfect example of using fabric to establish a decor theme.  The colors make this white room fresh and lively, while the texture of fabric brings warmth and depth.If you have a round wooden table that you love to show off, consider using a high quality cotton table runner across it.  The wood remains center stage, and you can create wonderful contrasts and complements with your fabric choices.*Note that the well-portioned length of this “stand-alone” runner (not used over a tablecloth) makes it easy for family and guests to sit at and move in and out from the table.

round tables with table runners
This colorful table runner adds the perfect shot of color and character. Photo, Southern in Love

Round tables are a favorite at formal events, as they provide optimum seating for guests.  If you’re looking for a way to bring a unique spin to traditional white tablecloths, consider draping table runners across for a customized, yet affordable look.At this wedding, highlighted by Southern in Love, you can see that the table runner anchors the entire theme. Cheery yellow stripes say “sophisticated fun”. 


round tables with table runners
Gorgeous infusion of color with turquoise table runners. Photo – 100 Layer Cake

I love the tablescapes created by 100 Layer Cake for an outdoor wedding.  For a moment, imagine that the table runners were not there… it’s an absolutely different (and far less interesting) look, isn’t it!  In this case, the turquoise color itself is not the tie-in, but the tone and feel of the runner (crisp, peppy, bold, festive) that connects to the rest of the decor.In a minute, you’ll get a sneak peek at the variety of hand printed table runners we offer at Saffron Marigold… from exotic Moroccan to French Provencal to contemporary glamour, we offer a palette of choices for the mood and feel you want at your event or in your home.


Choosing the Right Size Table Runner for Your Table

I’d say the most asked question about table runners for round tables has to do with what length works best with which dimensions.  This key should help!

First of all, there is no set standard for the length of a table runner on a round table.  The only considerations are the height of the table (generally, this is 30 inches), and the presence of an underlying tablecloth. If you are using full length tablecloths,  a longer table runner over top is stunning.  A table without a cloth will look best with a runner that either does not extend over the edges at all, or hangs down several inches.

table runners for round tables
Round Table Measurements
round table runners Seating for 4 at a 48″ Table
  • 90″ runner = 21″ overhang
table runners for round tables Seating for 5 at a 54″ Table
  • 90″ runner = 18″ overhang
 table runner round table Seating for 6 at a 60″ Table
  • 108″ runner = 24″ overhang
  • 90″ runner = 11″ overhang
runner for round table Seating for 8 at at 72″ Table
  • 120″ runner = 24″ overhang
  • 108″ runner = 18″ overhang
  • 90″ runner = 11″ overhang

Saffron Marigold accommodates custom orders, so if you need a special dimension, please ask! 

Hand Printed Table Runners and Tablecloth Colors

As we discussed above, table runners look great across beautiful wood tables.  Examples of this can be seen in each photo of our fair trade runners (below).  Another look is created by layering a table runner across a table cloth.  This just allows for more variety and flexibility!  We’ll take a look at five of our most popular table runners and a primary color that will be a beautiful complement.

yellow table runner for round table
Waltz of the Vines Table Runner

blue round tablecloth
Juliet Easy Care Tablecloth in Ocean – Neiman Marcus

Waltz of the Vines is printed on a muted yellow ground with dusky green-blue accents.  You can see that it pairs well with natural wood tones, but if you’d like to introduce an underlying color, choose something in a muted blue.

Elegant table runner for round table
Vanilla Glacé Table Runner

gold round tablecloth
Chris Madden Gold Cut-Out Round Tablecloth – JC Penney

Vanilla Glacé is an elegant white on white print, accented with gold.  The ground will appear more of a creamy ivory and the print a brighter white. Use it over a gold tablecloth for exquisite subtlety.

Colorful table runner for round table
Dance O Peacock table runner

round blue tablecloth
Crinkle Taffeta Round Tablecloth in Light Blue – Koyal Wholesale

Dance O Peacock is a graphic, colorful and sophisticated print that works well with a variety of underlying colors.  Light blue or turquoise is brilliant.  Ochre, sage, or a bolder turquoise are beautiful as well.

Table runner for round table
Morning Dew table runner

round tables with table runners
Custom Linen Tablecloth in Navy – Kirtam Designs

Morning Dew is an exotic, French Provencal print.  Like Dance O Peacock, it lends itself to pairing with a variety of colors.   Tangerine, turquoise and navy would all be spectacular.

exotic table runner for round table
Ruby Kilim table runner

Custom Washed Linen Round Tablecloth in Melange Brown – Lovely Home Idea

Ruby Kilim is a year round favorite – rustic, global and bright, it will pair well with an off-white tablecloth, or more dramatically, with a deep chocolate.

Remember, these are only five of 30 distinct prints and color combinations in the Saffron Marigold table runner collection.  All of our table runners are completely hand printed on high quality 100% cotton.  You’re sure to find something you’ll love for your event or your home here. :)

Please let us know if you have additional questions about how to use runners on round tables.  We can add this information to this post!  Of course, as always, we love to see images of how you’re using Saffron Marigold linens in your home.  (Have you seen our Customer Images Pinterest board?)  If you use one of our runners or tablecloths, send us a photo!

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