A mother’s life is immensely fulfilling, but to be honest, can sometimes feel a bit ordinary (i.e. wash, rinse, repeat; wash, rinse, repeat). If there is a woman in your life who dreams of the exotic, why not bring her the spoils of adventure around the globe? I’m thinking that a bit of India, Morocco and France will bring a sparkle to her eyes…

Mom in Morocco

Bring her the brightness of the sea, the sparkle of a million mosaic tiles and the nurture of ancient ways. Start with our bold and timeless Sultan’s Palace print, this time in a throw pillow. Pillows and cushions are wonderful ways to add color, texture and flair to a room without breaking the bank. A few of these strewn on sofas, the bed, or on the floor would make the perfect inspiration for Mom’s new global look. (You can see our entire collection of pillows here!)

Morocco collage text

Add in a spring-infused Moroccan made scarf and soothing Argan oil (great for both hair and skin!), and mom will feel just a step away from her dreamy destination.

Mom in India

Now, it’s off to that world within the world, the vast and varied, bright and bustling land of India. Our sari-inspired India Rose euro sham is a perfect souvenir… coral pink and detailed in purple and cream, this pillow is feminine and glamorous and distinctively global.

global mom india text

You may need to buy two pairs of these lovely Filigree Paisley earrings from Noonday Collection – one pair for you, and one for mom. They’re so gorgeous, it would be hard to not wear them yourself! But mom will love them, and feel like a queen adorned in finery. If she loves to adorn her walls as well, an intricate watercolor from Cate Parr will transport her boudoir from ordinary to exotic in the time it takes to hang it on the wall.

Does Mom really love pink? She might be interested in something else in this cheery hue from our India Rose collection!)

Mom in France

In our last stop on the world tour, we’ll take mom to Paris. Top her bed with our French fusion pillow in mellow yellow with turquoise and tangerine diadems, and she’ll ask for a croissant and feel she’s gone to the Parisian section of heaven. (Check out our entire collection of Morning Dew beauties here! )

Paris collage text. jpg

Perhaps, though, the hint of Pois de Senteur (or Sweet Pea) wafting through the air and the glimmer of quatrefoil earrings through her hair will inspire Dad to take her out to the finest five star French place in town… either way, Mom will certainly say, “Merci”!

Surveys show that 9 out of 10 moms would rather have something unique and hand made rather than another box of candy or a generic card. (Just kidding, no scientific surveys here. :)) But really, this year, show mom how much you appreciate everything she does at home by bringing the world to her fingertips. Give her a global makeover!

Want More Global Glam looks from Saffron Marigold? Check out these lovelies…


Casablanca Blues Tablecloth

jp_doi_turquoise_blue_and gold_colored_valance_pd

Jeweled Peacock Valance


Sultan’s Palace Bedspread

Spice Route Shower Curtain

Spice Route Shower Curtain


Ruby Kilim Curtain

Show Mom you care

We have many more ways to make mom feel special. Continue on to the next post in our Mothers Day series.

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This Mother’s Day, make a few updates in the bath to create a unique, at home get-away for Mom. We can help you design an authentic global bath that will make her feel as if she’s visiting a lovely boutique retreat (at a fraction of the cost)!

Hanging a new shower curtain has got to be the easiest way to make a big impact in the bath. We’re featuring three of our prints here….pick the one best suited to your mom! Now that she has a lovely curtain to look at, let’s play up the sensory quotient by adding fluffy towels and robes that feel sooo good against the skin, lotions and candles that smell great, maybe some music to play softly in the background.

For mom who likes blue

This curtain, in our Midnight Lotus print, features creamy white lotus flowers and vines, scrolled around on a deep Persian blue ground. With this curtain, you’ve instantly added a touch of the exotic, while keeping a serene feel. You can play off either color in the curtain to create the mood you think mom will like.

An all white approach spells serenity and calm, while all blue accessories bring energy and cheer. A nice blend of both will not just soothe the soul, but excite the senses too. A lovely blue lotus candle. A waffle robe for mom to wrap herself in AFTER she slathers on the ultra rich body cream. The deep blue towel picks out the blue of the print perfectly.

ml Collage.jpg

For mom who loves bold color

Our Ruby Kilim shower curtain will bring a bold graphic touch to mom’s bath. For a mom who dreams of travel and adventure, the Turkish kilim inspired print is bring a little bit of that adventure into her bath. Now all she has to do is enter her bath and get lost in a world, surrounded by luscious color combined with global accessories where she can luxuriate in her own private sanctuary!

Music in the background does so much to enhance a bath experience, so let mom relax to the strains of authentic Turkish guitars. Turkish peshtemal towels that are known to absorb every last drop of water after a luxurious bath with the sugar scrub. Finally a spa robe to envelop her within its comfortable folds!

rk Collage.jpg

For mom who likes classic black and white

Black and white – a combination that will never go out of style. The Paisley au Lait shower curtain brings instant chic to the bath and is sure to resonate with a mom who loves her little black dress and string of pearls!

Once she’s done oohing and aahing about the curtain, a scented candle whispering with notes of saffron flowers will set the stage. Then pamper mom with a lotion that has heady perfumes from ingredients like lavender, lemon verbena and mandarin orange. For the final flourish, a luxurious spa worthy towel and a waffle weave bath robe she may never get out of!

Paisley au Lait bath

Now remember, Mom comes first (this is Mother’s Day we’re talking about here, anyhow). But feel free, after her bath is done, to head home and create your own spa/retreat/little slice of heaven. Choose a Saffron Marigold shower curtain that inspires you and then read our Bath Series for more ideas on designing around them!


Sultan’s Palace


Waltz of the Vines


Paisley Fraiche

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We have many more ways to make mom feel special. Continue on to the next post in our Mothers Day series.

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Mother’s Day Ideas: Family Brunch

by Kamini on Apr 11, 14

Mother’s Day Brunch is a favorite in many families, so today we’ll look at some fresh inspiration for this lovely tradition. We’ll frame the brunch around four of our prints – Morning Dew, Vanilla Glacé and Casablanca Blues and Casablanca. With each print we’ve offered suggestions for a centerpiece, a recipe and a popular Mother’s Day tradition.

Family brunch viva la Francé with Morning Dew

This French provencal print is feminine and regal, colorful and crisp, and creates an unusual, unforgettable table. The floral arrangement cleverly lines a glass jar with sliced oranges and then fills the center with yellowy golden dahlias and tulips to virtually breathe new life into the room.

The “Torta Rustica” has layers of roasted red peppers, crimini mushrooms, spinach, fluffy eggs, and ham.

While your family is still sitting around the beautiful Morning Dew table, you may find that you enjoy a tradition that my family looks forward to each year – interviewing Mom. Over the years, these make a wonderful keepsake.

Morning Dew table

Dreamy Sophistication with Vanilla Glacé

Make the brunch a sophisticated affair with Vanilla Glacé. With strands of gold piping weaving in and out, this dreamy romantic print brings sparkle and glitter to the table.

Place a bowl of pretty pink roses or peonies on the table, serve a delicious dessert and as a keepsake, give mom a plant she can plant in her garden and be forever reminded of this wonderful day.

Vanilla Glacé

Mediterranean feast with Casablanca Blues and Casablanca

Shake things up a bit on Mothers Day with a touch of Mediterranean flair. Casablanca Blues table linens add serious global beauty especially when paired with exotic accessories and gifts.

With stores like Pier 1 and World Market, sourcing Moroccan themed gifts are easy. Lanterns in shades of blue work beautifully as centerpieces and light sources. Add a delectable dish and end the meal with a mini book listing out all the reasons mom is so fabulous.

Casablanca Blues

Casablanca has the same lovely colors as Casablanca Blues, but on a white background for s softer summery feel. Mix and match the two prints or focus solely on this lovely print.

A henna inspired lantern in white and gold and a terrific dessert idea will make this a memorable meal. or if the weather gods are being nice, take mom out on a picnic. Browse this site for some great menu ideas.


Show Mom you care

We have many more ways to make mom feel special. Continue on to the next post in our Mothers Day series.

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Whoever said “A mother’s work is never done” got it right. Moms are always running around taking care of others without ever stopping to take care of themselves.

This Mother’s Day give mom what she never has enough of—more sleep! Allow her to sleep in for as long as she wants, and have her wake up when she is good and ready… And then once she’s up, pamper her with breakfast in bed.

Start with pretty bedding, add gifts that will help mom sleep better and then surprise her with breakfast when she is finally ready to open her eyes.

Pretty blue bed linens to lull mom into sleep

Nothing enhances a good night’s sleep better than lovely, high quality bed linens, and pretty bedding to make you feel pampered while you drift off to dreamland. And our linens are both high quality AND pretty.

We’re suggesting our Pacific Blue print today. A print straddling both an Asian Zen feel as well as a relaxed California coastal style, Pacific Blue has cresting white waves and a scrolling shell border on a deep indigo blue background. Since blue has such a calming effect on the mind, half the work is done right there :-) Mom will sink into the pillows, cover herself with a light bedspread or a duvet and get lulled gently to sleep…

Begin by letting mom know the evening before that she gets to sleep in the next day. Then while she’s daydreaming of being able to sleep in, get her bed ready. Start with soft ivory sheets, layer with euro and pillow shams, toss a duvet on it and add a couple of boudoir shams for a fun, flirty look. Keep a bedspread handy in case the night is warm and all she needs is a light coverlet.

Pacific Blue bedding

Gifts to relax and soothe

We don’t want annoyances and irritations to wake mom up on Mother’s Day. After all the idea is to let her indulge and catch up on her sleep deficit. Consider gifts like linen eye pillows to keep the light out, and a sound machine to drown out disturbing noises. Sneak in and light a candle so she wakes up to the fragrance of springtime cherry blossoms.

Pacific Blue

Breakfast and flowers

Finally when mom is ready to open her eyes, serve her breakfast in bed.

Get a tray ready with coordinating Pacific Blue napkins and some silverware. Add flowers picked from the garden and arranged in a pretty vase. And then serve mom a delicious banana pudding or a tropical fruit parfait for breakfast.

Pacific Bue brunch

Show Mom you care

We have many more ways to make mom feel special. Continue on to the next post in our Mothers Day series.

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Its another “Ask the Designer” post! This flew into our inbox a couple of days ago……

“Hi there,

On your curtain, Ruby Kilim ~ Designer Luxury Red Black Fabric Shower Curtain. It states black and red, but in the pictures it looks like a periwinkle blue. I’m trying to match a periwinkle blue bathroom…….

followed by:

“Hi there,

I am matching a white and deep gray/blue bathroom and have included the wall color (not my room).  My house has a moroccan/victorian design – I am not afraid of patterns or colors. Do you have any others similar to the ruby kilim you recommend?

Also I will call you later today. Thank you.


The grey/blue color in the picture below is the color Erin is trying to match.

Blue grey paint

Prior to this Erin had ordered swatches of Ruby Kilim, Spice Route, Casablanca Blues and Casablanca, four of our prints that have blue grey tones in them. Let us first take a look to see how those prints work with the blue grey color.


Starting from top: Spice Route; Casablanca; Ruby Kilim; Casablanca Blues

There are usually two options when trying to match upholstery and fabrics to paint. One is to make sure the background of the print is an exact match.

The other option is to make sure the pattern has at least a little bit of the wall color. With the grey blue color you have, as long as the color in the pattern is no more than two shades lighter or darker than the wall color, the human eye sees it as a repeated color and will usually interpolate to make it look like “it goes.”

Given this approach, I think Erin has to eliminate Ruby Kilim with its dark grey/almost bordering on black print, and Casablanca Blues which has a strong blue background, a color which could potentially clash with the paint. So that leaves us with Spice Route and Casablanca. I would also like her to consider Ocean Breezes.

Erin – I’ve put together a quick collage using these 3 prints. All of them have a Moroccan vibe to them, and ultimately it comes down to the overall effect you want. I’ve paired them with some ideas for bath accessories – towels, bath mats, baskets, mirrors and so on, to give you an overall cohesive feel for the print.

A bold, colorful Moroccan bath with Spice Route:

This will be bold, dramatic and vibrant. The wall paint will pick up the little flecks of turquoise in the print and definitely extend the Moroccan theme you have in your home into your bathroom for a continuous cohesive look.

A soothing Moroccan bath in white and blue:

A spa like bath in blue. grey and white. Casablanca has hints of azure sky blue, a color not too distant from blue grey. The white background has a soothing spa like feel, for a softer approach to the Moroccan theme. With the blue/grey and white color scheme of your bath, this will be a perfect fit.

A blue white Casablanca bath with a mosaic mirror, sky blue towels and a wrought iron towel holder

A blue white Casablanca bath with a mosaic mirror, sky blue towels and a wrought iron towel holder

A nautical approach to a Moroccan bath:

Ocean Breezes is inspired by Moroccan tiles and warm Mediterranean breezes and will definitely bring some of that warm, salty ocean air feel into your bathroom. The blue and brown pattern will blend beautifully with the paint color of the bath, with the white background providing a neutral canvas.

Ocean Breezes bath

An Ocean Breezes bath with ribbed bath towels, a Marrakech lantern and a teak mat

Erin – I hope you didn’t have your heart set on Ruby Kilim?  I really feel that your bath will be stunning with any of the three choices we have offered.

Do let us know what you decide and then if possible, send us pictures. We’d love to see. :-)

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Indian Summer makes a room glow

by Kamini on Apr 7, 14

I’m so thrilled to be sharing this testimonial with you. Its from a customer who used our Indian Summer linens to bring a sultry, tropical vibe to her room.

Cindy’s husband first wrote to use with these words and pictures:

My wife, Cindy Magnus, asked me to send these to you. She loves your textiles and now this room glows.

Oh my!

Indian Summer bedspread

I agree. The room positively pulsates with bold color and style. The bed linens, the furnishings, the art work, the bench, the accessories work together in such harmony, like a choreographed symphony with Cindy at the helm conducting the music!

Indian Summer Bedspread and shams

Indian Summer Bedspread and shams

I was eager to know more, what Cindy used as inspiration, and then how went about executing her design vision so flawlessly. I was also curious, as I am sure you are, how she created those gorgeous curtains around the bed. So I contacted her and this was her reply:

When I first saw the Indian Summer bedspreads on your website, I couldn’t wait to use them in this room.Because the only windows in the room face north, the room was a bit dark and dreary. Now, despite thepaucity of natural light, the room literally glows. As you know, the papaya color in Indian Summer warms up a room without being loud or garish.

In order to get the height I needed for the bed curtains, I purchased bedspreads and had them made upwith ties at the top. All of the bed curtains are lined with a dark orange silk from India. My seamstress also made a slipcover for the upholstered headboard and a bedskirt out of  your bedspreads.

I call this my Indian Bedroom. The night stand is an  Anglo-Indian antique I purchased locally from Michael Donaldson Antiques (as you probably know, they have fabulous stuff), I bought the green pillow on Etsy, the orange velvet pillows are from Pottery Barn, and I found the parrot painting (which is also from India) on ebay.  Actually, I can’t think of any item in the room that wasn’t purchased on-line. Because I work long hours and have little time to shop, virtually all my shopping is done on-line.When I traveled to India for the first time ten years ago, I was mesmerized by all the colorful textiles and fell in love with the block-printed fabrics. While there, I had an opportunity to try my hand at block printing which gave me an appreciation for both the work and workmanship that goes into it. ( It’s so much harder than it looks!) When I returned to California, the colors in my home seemed rather dull and lifeless. That’s when I started slowly doing up a few rooms in an Indian-inspired style. I’ve now completedthree rooms and I’m planning a fourth. So fun!

Anyway, I absolutely love your gorgeous linens and hope the photos will inspire others to use them to brighten up their homes as well.

And to this, Cindy added 2 more pictures.

Cindy's room glows with color

Cindy’s room glows with color

Cindy’s room which she felt was dark and dreary now resonates with golden light reflected off the deep orange silk lining. A medley of colors – varying hues of the same greens and oranges found in the print; and textures – from the smooth silk to the woven surface of the rug she recently added; add interest and seamless style. Add to that a yellow painted wall, a wrought iron canopy, and some global accessories and Cindy has transformed the room from  ”dark and dreary” to “warm and glowing”!

Indian Summer Bedspread

I hope you have all been as inspired as I have.

Cindy – your bedroom is beautiful! To sleep in a space surrounded by forest greens, deep oranges, golden yellows and the blue of a parrot that is surely keeping a watchful eye over you…..it’s like your very own private retreat high up in the tropical rainforest!

Thank you for your pictures, and we look forward to more.

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