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Featured series: Mothers Day

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IS MD 2015

Colorful Mother’s Day Gifts: Glowing Orange

Warm, cheerful, and ranging from palest peach to vivid tiger lily, orange is an emotionally rich color, connecting us to earthy roots and sunny skies.  

MT MD 2015 txt

Colorful Mother’s Day Gifts: Bright, Breezy Blues

Little ones love to ask their moms this question: “What’s your favorite color?” If your mom would answer blue, then she probably loves a good mix of serenity and expansive freedom.

SR Red MD 2015

Coloful Mother’s Day Gifts: Rich, Exotic Reds

If red is mom’s favorite color, we’ve got gorgeous gift ideas at the ready!  

POT entertaining mom

Great Global Gifts for the Mom Who Loves Entertaining

If your mom is always having people over, she’s probably a wonderful combination of a lot of things.

PIN collage

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Romantic Mom

Has mom always been a dreamer, wearing her heart on her sleeve and letting her heart guide her through life?

boho PIN collage

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Bohemian Mom

Did you grow up with a free-spirited mother who loves all things beautiful and bohemian?

Global PIN

Mother’s Day: Take Mom to Morocco, India and France!

A mother’s life is immensely fulfilling, but to be honest, can sometimes feel a bit ordinary (i.e.


Create a Celestial Spa for Mom, Inspired by our Batik Shower Curtain

If your mom loves natural beauty, then she’s sure to be stunned by our singular batiked print, Starry Nights.  


Let Mom be Queen for a Day in Our Luxurious Ruby Kilim Spa

Surprise mom with a rich update to her bath.  Our exquisite Ruby Kilim fabric is absolutely stunning, and will take her bath from blah to beautiful in no more than the time it takes to shake it out and hang.  


Printing of Midnight Lotus one magnificent block at a time

In this post we will walk through the printing of Midnight Lotus – one magnificent block at a time.

Most-loved Posts


Table Runners for Round Tables

Using a runner on a round table is a fresh way to add color and texture to your dining space.  

ob collage

Ideas for Mother’s Day

Show Mom you care Just in time for Mother’s Day, we have put together some inspiring ways to tell Mom “thanks for everything”.

Memories of Shalimar

Kitchen curtains ~ inspirational ideas

We are so excited to be launching our line of kitchen curtains.


Spring Shopping Guides

There’s Spring Cleaning, and then there’s Spring Decorating! Inspired by our hand printed, fair trade cotton bedding, table linens, shower curtains and pillows, we’ve created 11 rooms full of uniquely sourced accessories and decor.

Ideas for a Peacock Wedding

Celebrate Love: Ideas for a Peacock Themed Wedding

Vibrant, unique, sophisticated and fun – if these words describe your dream wedding celebration, then take a  look at these gorgeous ideas for a peacock themed wedding.

Vanilla Glacé Shower Curtain

Bohemian Home Decor Basics

Vivid colors, riotous pattern, vintage treasures, mementoes from the ends of the earth – all of these layer and weave together to loosely form Bohemian style.  


Sizing up our summer lightweight bedspreads

Our lightweight bedspreads are more like lightweight sheets meant to cover the mattress with just enough overhang.

indian decor

Elegant Elephant Print Fabrics

"The Good Luck Elephant", from valentinadesign, Etsy Everyone loves the royal and iconic image of an elephant, yet quality fabrics that capture their majesty seem hard to come by.  


Celebrate Love: Ideas for a Tropical Wedding Reception

Whether you’re planning a destination wedding, or something close to home that feels like an island paradise, Tropical Weddings are lush with opportunities for creative, colorful decor.  

SP DR spring 2015

Brilliant Moroccan Color Brings Spring to your Home

If you’re in the mood for bright, boho, beautiful and blue, then our Sultan’s Palace vintage Moroccan medallion print is for you!