Ask the Designer: A Colorful Bedroom Update

Updated: March 13, 2017

Hi! A few years ago I bought the Spice Route Red Orange Moroccan Indian Sheer Curtain panels for my daughter’s room. We love them, however they have dry rotted from the sun and are ripping, so I need to replace them. We also have a daybed in the room that we’re thinking of covering with a white coverlet with three matching white euro shams to use along the side of the bed to lean back on, and I’m thinking about layering two Mughal Poppy pillows and two Spice Route pillows on top of the white Euros to coordinate with the curtains. Do you think that the Mughal Poppy print will go with the Spice Route print, or do you think there is a better choice? I am just thinking that I’d like to introduce another print since the room will have a lot of the Spice Route in it with the curtains.
– Margi Marks

Hello Margi! We’re glad your reached out, and glad that you love your Spice Route curtains enough to replace them! The sun can do some serious damage to home linens. I suggest using a liner behind your colorful handprinted curtains, or, if you prefer, pulling the curtains wide open during the hours that sun is strongest.

It sounds like you’re ready for a bit of full-space upgrade, and we love your ideas for weaving color around the room.

Lining the long side of a bed with euro shams is the quickest way to transform a twin bed into a useful and glamorous daybed. Great idea! I’d suggest our Nizam’s Pearls sham. It’s bits of bronze and gold will tie in nicely with the rich colors of Spice Route.

To test out the combination of prints that you like, I pulled out my sample swatches and did a practice run. I layered Mughal Poppy against Spice Route atop my own white bedding, and it really is a stunning look! The white bedding and euros will take our traditional linens and showcase them in a bold, modern way that I think you and your daughter will love!

Spice Route and Mughal Poppy work well together, but if you’re interested in adding even more prints to the space, I think you’re in luck.

Here are several other options that you may want to try.

Thanks for writing us, Margi! Please keep us posted with your bedroom update – we’d love to see the final result.

Spice Route complementary print
Tropical Garden complementary print
Samarkand complementary print

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